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Mischelle founded Altered Stories Ministry to provide a platform for women to share their life altering God stories. After just four years Mischelle has over 100 podcast episodes of women, many of them professional who talk about the transformational journey they have been on.

It’s Healing for both the interviewee and the Listener.
As we spoke on the show Mischelle talked about how it is healing to share your God story with others, and those who listen are also able to relate and receive healing themselves from similar circumstances. The women Mischelle interviews share about all kinds of trauma they have experienced and walked through with God.

Some of what you hear in this podcast episode is Mischelle’s Altered Story of how she is the survivor of a cult, her rejection of God and then her return to Him many years later.

To learn more about the ministry go to:

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Christian Creative Services Kansas City, Next Level Thinking Kansas City,
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