Who are the Kingdom Keyholders in Kansas City with Amy Mahoney

Have you ever heard of the term Keyholder? You are a kingdom keyholder.
Who are the Kingdom Keyholders in Kansas City

Have you ever heard the term keyholder?
For instance, that person is the keyholder of such and such restaurant or the keyholder of a specific bank. A keyholder has access to everything the key they possess opens to them. If you have made Jesus Christ who is the King of both Heaven and Earth your Lord and Savior, then you have been given the access keys to all the resources of His Kingdom both in Heaven and on Earth. You are a kingdom keyholder.
In this incredible episode Amy Mahoney lays out the steps God has given her to call forth  the kingdom keyholders in Kansas City to unite as one and access the resources and plans for God’s kingdom in Kansas City today.

Show Notes

If you’re interested in contacting Amy, adding a prayer meeting to the website calendar or would like to donate to Kingdom Keyholders mission please go to

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Cliff Slater
Cliff Slater
6 months ago

That was great! There could never be too much prayer. Kansas City is a target rich environment for building the kingdom.

6 months ago
Reply to  Cliff Slater

Thanks Cliff! Thanks also for taking the time to reply! God Bless

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