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cities of God, Kingdom Business, Seeking first the kingdom of God, Horse and Lady

Problems Addressed

  • Poverty
  • Isolation
  • Family

Solutions Delivered

  • Entrepreneurship
  • Counseling
  • Community
Sample Testimony


It has really been a blessing to be a part of God's Relay Race! I consider it a privilege to partner with Scott Stanger to stoke the flames of prayer and God's involvement in our Kansas City Marketplace. Through this monthly business prayer meeting I have met so many different business people who love God in Kansas City. The environment is one of expectation we expect God to show up and lead our prayer group we expect new ideas, and insights for our businesses and the Marketplace in Kansas City. Scott is always introducing new practical insights, a recent book or some intercessory word to the group. God's kingdom people are both practical and spiritual. If your looking for a great place to get to know others or just need the encouragement of business engaged christian fellowship, check out this monthly prayer gathering at the Westport Plex Pod. Every 2nd Saturday 8-10am.

Five Crown Ministries

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