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Meet Faith Horizons Founder | Nathan Sack

Faith Horizons
Kansas City, Seeking first the kingdom of God, God in this City

Seeking First the Kingdom of God!

Faith Horizons
Photo by Braden Collum unsplash

Are you actively taking advantage of these Business Opportunities Today?

Faith Horizons
Healing House in Kansas City

Good Cheer on St. John

Faith Horizons
4 Steps to a Move of God Transforming Culture and Society Today

4 Steps to a Move of God which Transforms Culture and Society in Cities!

Faith Horizons
Kansas City Christian news with Bill Otterness

What does it mean to be Fishers of Men?

Faith Horizons
Marketplace in Kansas City, God's Relay Race Sign

Why should we pray for the Marketplace in Kansas City?

Faith Horizons

Poverty Spirit

Faith Horizons