What is Sonrise Ministries with Cathy Tilden

Sonrise Ministries - Leave Your Backpack at Jesus Feet

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What have you been carrying around that you wanted gone years ago?

Cathy Tilden takes us backstage through the journey of going from a mandatory A + Christian lifestyle unto an abiding surrender with Jesus Christ. For 24 years Cathy experienced chronic illness, she used this time to get to know her Lord and Savior.

Now she is healed both emotionally from lies believed and naturally, able running triathlons again. In 2020 Sonrise Ministries was born and Cathy now is guiding others into more abundant life with Jesus Christ.

“Satan’s plan for me was rejection” – Cathy Tilden

Show Notes

Website: https://sonrisekc.org 

Email: info@sonrisekc.org


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