4 Steps to a Move of God which Transforms Culture and Society in Cities!

Question: What makes great cultural and society transformation in cities possible?
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Here are some of my takeaways from
Episode 57 | Police go out of Business when God Invades

*In this episode the subject matter was a revival that happened in 1857. There is a great article that you can look at below to learn more about this incredible event.

Question: What makes great cultural and society transformation possible?

1. A forerunner was present – Great transform is proceeded by a forerunner. Examples of forerunners: John the baptist, Martin Luther, Abraham Lincoln,

2. It’s instigated – People don’t like what is necessary for great transformation. In this 1857 revival it was instigated by an economic crash that brought about great need.

3. A return to God – If you read the bible, you will see a cycle of going away from and then returning to the Lord. It happens over and over in scripture through all generations.

4. People gather to accomplish the mission – This is the unity that Jesus spoke about in John 17 “that they may be one”. As Scott spoke of in the podcast there was no lack of people to help accomplish the needed task.

Results: Culture and society is transformed – Things that once plagued society diminish. For instance crime, race, denominational thinking, poverty, hopelessness etc…

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God Bless


Some fast facts from this prayer Revival

The focus of this work thus far has been centralized to New York City. But this was simply the genesis of the movement and it moved far from its origins. The city of Chicago reported prayer meetings occurring sometime after Jeremiah Lanphier begun the six-member prayer meeting at Fulton Street. It even passed from beyond the borders of the United States. One commentator said, “Soon interdenominational prayer meetings started up in most of the major cities of the North, with more than two thousand people jamming Chicago’s daily prayer meeting at the Metropolitan Theater. The revival then spread to rural areas, including the South, to Europe, especially England, and even to Australia.”[16] It truly became global phenomena.

Citing from article The Layman Prayer Revival of 1857-1858 written by Justin Daniel found at Url: https://www.justincdaniel.com/2019/10/05/the-layman-prayer-revival-of-1857-1858/


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