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During the Flood Week, which is coming up May 9th through the 13th, Genesis 1:1 is hosting a plein air art event. To get more details on this you can listen to the podcast and visit their website in the show notes.

I was thinking about this and perhaps a good way to describe the Flood Week is a week long city wide kingdom of God festival, or as Bill Otterness like to call it a fairground, a city wide fairground of Kingdom activity of people in so many different expressions of Kingdom activity leading up to The Send, which is May 14th at Arrowhead.

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Nathan Sack  00:00
Hello welcome to another Faith Horizons Kingdom brief. These are short podcasts between 5 and 10 minutes. The purpose of a kingdom brief is to share highlights from ongoing Kingdom activities and announce events in Kansas City. During the Flood Week, which is coming up May 9th through the 13th, Genesis 1:1 is hosting a plein air art event. To get more details on this you can listen to the podcast and visit their website in the show notes. I was thinking about this and perhaps a good way to describe the Flood Week is a week-long, city wide Kingdom of God festival, or as Bill Otterness like to call it a fairground, a city wide fairground of Kingdom activity of people is so many different expressions of Kingdom activity leading up to The Send, which is May 14 at Arrowhead. Here’s my conversation with Bill Otterness.

Bill Otterness  01:05
You’re you’re not an artist. But you think that what we’re doing now in there for Art Flood KC is really cool. And you maybe you will have a guitar and you want to come down and busker through the park for a while, why we’re there, we’ll be there every day. That Monday, the 9th through Thursday, the 12th from 2 to 5. On Thursday, we’ll be there a little bit longer, probably till about 6:30. And what we’ll do during that 2 to 5 period is allow for the artists to be able to come in and get a stamp, they’ll get an ink stamp on the back of their on the back of their medium that you’re going to use for their artwork that enters them into the contest. And then on that Thursday we’ll have a contest with a $500 cash prize for the winner of that and we have you can see our sponsors Philip Oritz Art and Peel Creative does graphic design and websites and then Jazz For Good Foundation. So they’re helping sponsor the event.

Nathan Sack  02:04
So this is Art Flood KC. So is it starting like May 9th? Is that right?

Bill Otterness  02:09
The official start will be May 9th at two o’clock. So it May 9, two o’clock, you can check it you can start doing art. You can start doing art from then until probably about five o’clock on Thursday the 12th and then that’s when you stop.

Nathan Sack  02:23
So are they able to do art from from only two to five every all those days? Or they can just do art whenever they want to for those four days.

Bill Otterness  02:31
Yeah, once you get stamped, you can go pretty much wherever you want to to do art. You don’t have to even keep it at Loose Park.

Nathan Sack  02:37
Yeah, I think that they actually had four locations on your-

Bill Otterness  02:41
Well we have four suggested and if you look at the zones, they’re quite extensive, like one zone there was like the Paseo Boulevard, Rock Hill Road, Meyer Boulevard, you know, just try to think of these different really cool picturesque areas in the city. And, you know, capture that capture that on however you like to do your art and then be there at the park at five o’clock on that Thursday to 12 and we’ll have judges there to judge that.

Nathan Sack  03:13
So do they do they submit it at five o’clock then?

Bill Otterness  03:17
We’ll have it on display at the park we’re using we’re gonna use that pavilion right there. Yep. Yeah, that big pavilion you set so everything will get displayed right there and get judged right there. So yeah, so that’ll be our main that is going to be base camp for the week for us. And that’s where we’ll have our any type of entertainment harp acoustic we are going to have a prophetic art team there every day during two to five and so we can train you on that. Even you Nathan could come in and I’m told I’ve never done it. But I think I’m gonna get trained this time around because it sounds really easy and very, it’s very effective. I’ve seen it done yeah, a lot of events and it’s very effective way to reach people. So we’ll have that going on and that and that’ll just be set up from two to five each day. That’s when we have our volunteers available to help you know from The Send is providing us with some volunteers.

Nathan Sack  04:12
You guys are calling this the Art Flood because this is the Flood week which is which is bringing in a lot of things and one of the things that Genesis 1:1 is doing is the Art Flood I guess that’s the only thing they’re doing that week. Yeah, that’ll be that’s the significant going into that item that Genesis 1:1 is doing that.

Bill Otterness  04:33
Yeah, that that was spawned from a meeting we had originally and so The Send you know, their, their big thing is going to be filling Arrowhead Stadium. 

They have outreach coordinators that are specifically assigned to Kansas City and there they’ve been going through the city for the last several months for well, actually, almost for a couple of years now on and off because originally scheduled two years ago. 2020. Yeah. And, and so they, you know, they’ve been able to feel out some of the movers shakers in the city. And those Oregon, those coordinators, The Send coordinators, for their Send outreach coordinators have been able to push us a little bit further than what we would usually go. They’re partnering with what we already have going on in the city. And they’re looking to engage with every sphere of society, you know, the different seven mountains or there’s different spheres of influencers. And as we were sitting there hearing their vision on what they want to do with partnering with, right away as Genesis 1:1 we had a full table there, we actually, were had a pretty good presence at that meeting. And we came up with this idea to invite all the artists from the city and do a plein air event. And came up with the name Art Flood KC. The Lord just downloaded on us quite a bit. And so it’s just been kind of taken shape ever since then. We’ve never done this before, guys. So I don’t want to scare anybody who has been a part of plein air events and knows how well they can look. We know that God has given us this vision. So it’s gonna look phenomenal and it’s gonna be a lot fun. You know, He’s given us a lot of confirmations, you know, with the right away. Soon, as we mentioned it, we had a donor step up says I want to give a substantial amount to help this out. And we didn’t even really share the vision. We just said, hey, we’re gonna partner and do some of this stuff. And let’s do it. So there was some confirmations that came along that keeps us moving forward with that.

Nathan Sack  06:49
So this is Art Flood KC, you guys have never done this before. So if people wanted to learn about this, the best place to learn about it is probably the website, the website. Yeah, is that Genesis 1:1.

Bill Otterness  07:03
It’s Genesis one dash one art dot org. And then there’s a tab on their Art Flood KC tab, and you’ll see an image right on that homepage, you can click that. And it’ll take you also to the Art Flood KC page to learn about that. And so if you wanted to be a part of that some way to help, maybe jump in on the prophetic art tent and learn how to do that or you just wanted to be a part of that in some way. You can fill out that form that we have there for the artists and in the comment section, just make a comment about what it is that you would like to do, or some gentleman filled one out the other day, and he just said, I just need more information I want to help that’s basically all we put in a comment section. You know, but we have people wanting to provide entertainment and help with the prophetic art, so yeah. And if you’re an artist, jump in, we have $500 cash prize, and you get to meet some of the other artists in the city. And it’s going to be a lot of fun. Yes, plein air. Plein air event. I’ve been to a lot of them. They’re really neat.

Nathan Sack  08:13
So what else is going on that week Bill? Can you give us a brief synopsis of what else is going on that week? Yeah. So this is the week of the 9th through the 9th to the 13th.

Bill Otterness  08:27
That’s the week immediately prior to The Send. And so The Send outreach coordinators, like I mentioned, have been able to get a lot of the mover shaker people in the city activated. Yeah, like they were already activated, but they’re really pushing them a little bit further to do something every day of the week. Take what they have going on, amplify it. And then they’re a they’re able to partner with another organization that’s going to be able to provide tons, literally tons and hundreds of 1000s of dollars worth of overstock goods from major retailers across the nation. And we’re getting in there giving that to the church for free, so that we can go and hand it out to the people that’s been a part of our outreaches you know, whether it’s a neighborhood outreach you’ve been doing, or it’s a nursing home outreach that you’ve been a part of. And so it adds an extra element and a lot of extra logistics. So what we normally do as ministry leaders in Kansas City, so that’s what I mean by they’re pushing us a little bit more. So you have people all over the whole metro area doing this.

Nathan Sack  09:45
This is multiple churches, multiple outreach leaders, leadership-

Bill Otterness  09:51 Performance teams, musicians and worship bands, all kinds of stuff going on during that week.

Nathan Sack  09:58
It’s like a festival. Yeah, it’s like, it’s like an evangelistic festival.

Bill Otterness  10:05
Yeah, it’s like going to the state fair except for the whole fairground is your city.

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