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I had an great interview with Ray Maybion who is the founding pastor of Bethlehem Kingdom Center located on 28th and Forest. Bethlehem Kingdom Center was originally founded in 1984 as Bethlehem Christian Assembly and has been known for many years in Kansas City as the KC Prayer Dome.

In this conversation you will learn how Ray Maybion came to set up this ministry in one of Kansas City’s most crime ridden neighborhoods. You will get great insight on how a church can interact with its community to facilitate kingdom change.

What is an apostolic center? Bethlehem Kingdom Center, which is an Apostolic Center intentionally operates in the 7 mountains of Kansas City, advancing the Kingdom of God in all spheres of influence. You really are in for a treat!

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Show Notes

Bethlehem Kingdom Center
Website: https://kcbkc.org/
Location: 2732 Forest Ave, Kansas City, MO 64109

Bethlehem Home Health Care
Website: http://www.bethlehemhhc.com/


Nathan Sack  00:24
Thanks for joining us for another Faith Horizons podcast. The purpose of a Faith Horizons podcast is to discover the kingdom of God in Kansas City one conversation at a time. I had a great interview with Ray Maybion, who is a founding pastor of Bethlehem Kingdom Center, located on 28th and Forest. Bethlehem Kingdom center was originally started in 1984. And for so many years was known as Bethlehem Christian Assembly. It has also been known to many in Kansas City, as the KC Prayer Dome. In this conversation, you will learn how Ray Maybion came to set up this ministry in one of Kansas City’s most crime ridden neighborhoods. You will also get great insight on how the church can interact with their communities in order to facilitate Kingdom change. Have you ever wondered what an apostolic center is? Bethlehem Kingdom Center, which is an apostolic center intentionally operates in the seven mountains of Kansas City, advancing the kingdom of God in all spheres of influence. You are really in for a treat. Here is my interview with Ray Maybion. You started this ministry in 1984-Yes. And I was born in 84. So I was being born into this world while I don’t know. So just give us a little bit of background on how this all started.

Ray Maybion  02:02
Yeah. Well, Nathan, I, first of all, I appreciate the you know, the idea of being able to talk to you today. I had an idea that I wanted to see a change in ministry. Why I don’t know, it was just it was in me, never wanted to preach, never wanted to be a part of a church never wanted to do that. But, but God was pushing me and what ended up happening, I had an idea that I wanted to see change. And I said, well, how are we going to put this together? So the Lord sent me after seminary to an apartment complex. And I thought, oh, this is great, because this isn’t church. This is something that’s unique, something different. And so He put me in an apartment complex. What I didn’t know that it was an apartment complex with prostitution, drug addiction, and whoremongering, lying and stealing, and just total devastation. People who lived in the world system and on the low end of the world system. But I was able to, to be given a room and an apartment building. And I said, this is the best place to start a ministry right in the middle of the people.

Nathan Sack  03:18
Yes, that’s so true. So often, you know, you get you, you put the right person in the right place, and then that person is able to see, experience and then begin to create. Maybe even the Holy Spirit begins to open up His solutions to the to the problem.

Ray Maybion  03:35
Yeah, that’s exactly right. And it’s a step-by-step process. It didn’t like you had an idea and you knew how to handle it, you had to experience all the ups and downs of a particular area, particular people, because you don’t know the whole total story. Coming out of the seminary, I was, I was taught to be church minded. And I was looking for a church where I could minister in the church, with church people, but God for me, went a different direction. So I came back out of the church. And at that time, I came out of the Baptist seminary, but still, in my own mind, that was something missing. And I wanted to be a part of that missing piece.

Nathan Sack  04:17
And so we’re on 27th and 28th, or 27th, and Forest at the Bethlehem Kingdom Center right now. Where was this apartment that you first resident?

Ray Maybion  04:29
Yeah, the apartment building was at 27th and Troost. It was 2732 Troost. And it’s interesting. The church over here we one block over 2732 Forest. But we started at 2732 Troost. Well, when I when we first got to the area, the area was very alcoholism and drug addiction. Prostitution was a major focus in this area. And I said Lord, you know, we don’t want to be here. We need to get out of here. And yet the people embraced us. Here we were non- we didn’t we didn’t participate in their in their particular lifestyle. But we brought the church lifestyle into a group of people who in the back of their minds had grown up understanding who Jesus was. They just had a lifestyle that was of the world. And so we, we began to develop. I said, well, what can we do? My wife and I said, we don’t know. So I said, well, let’s start with a Bible study. So we had a Bible study in one of the apartment buildings. Now keep in mind, Nathan, when we first got here, this place was rough man. You had license plates that came from Johnson County, you had license plates that came from Lee’s Summit, you had license plates that come from North Kansas City, this was a hodgepodge for people around the city would come because of drug addiction because of the prostitution. It brought people into this area, who were not a part of this area. That’s the first thing that we recognize, I said, where are all these people coming from? And it was all different colors, black, white, Hispanic, it didn’t matter. I said, we got a multitude of people in this area that don’t belong in this area. But there was things in his area that they needed. And so when we saw that that was our first prayer, you know, to, for the Lord to reveal to us, what is this?

Nathan Sack  06:16
Wow. And so how did the Lord, open your eyes on that?

Ray Maybion  06:20
After we prayed, He said, Raymond, he says, this is the way the church is, this is the way the church is going to become, because they’re doing it in a worldly sense. But my purpose is for the spiritual part that come forth, where you have the different races and different parts of the country, where you had the different people that were doing things for the kingdom instead of things for, for the world. And He says, this charge the church that you’re pastoring, which I had only been here a couple of years, I mean, a year, you know, we’re just getting started. But we pioneered the church. He said, you are an apostolic church. You are, you have an apostolic call. You are a church planter. And He said, you’re planting a church right in the midst of this turmoil. And He says, what’s going to happen, you’re going to change it. And He says, you are what they call a trunk church. I said, what’s the trunk church Lord, He said, you represent the torso. He said, You’re a torso church. And He said, the arms and the legs, and the head will connect with you down here. Head being Jesus, arms being other ministries, legs being other ministries that will connect to the torso church because you guys are going to be here to connect other ministries together. So you’re a foundation, a foundational ministry for the church of Kansas City.

Nathan Sack  07:45
Oh, yeah, that’s absolutely, yeah.

Ray Maybion  07:46
That’s what He told me. And I said, Lord, what are You saying to me? I said how in the world can we do this? And He told me, you can’t. But I can. And so that’s, that’s the story of the church, which means and we were trying to get out of here, we were saying, look, we got to get out of here. People don’t have money. How can I build a church? How can I ever get a salary? How can I ever, ever get people to come into this house? And how can we ever get a change because they don’t have it? They don’t have the money. They don’t have the skill. They don’t have the know how they don’t know anything about church. For instance, we were leading praise and worship in an apartment building. And they came in off the street and said, is it time to receive the Lord and I said we’re having praise and worship. I haven’t preached yet. He said, but I want to receive Jesus and I thought, this is strange it’s weird. Well, we just stopped the singing this okay will lead you to the Lord, we led them up the Lord right then and they got happy and left and and we were back sing and praise and worship, again, that we said, what just took place.

Nathan Sack  08:48
So one of the things that you just brought up, I just think that’s so cool that all of you begin to attract people that have a need, they have a need, because they need they need Jesus. And then you know, sometimes people don’t realize any Jesus until they like, oh, wow, that’s Is that what that is, you know, anyway. But there’s a there’s an emptiness, there’s a void in a human being that they need Jesus. And then one of the things that really kind of stood out to me was-is you talking about this area was attracting the whole city to it for reasons other than a good reason. So they had a negative reason why the people were coming here. It’s not like they’re coming down here because there’s a good jazz club because there is good jazz clubs in Kansas City. But they’re coming here for other reasons. But God said, We need- what God wanted to do with you and what kind of started opening your eyes to possibly I mean, you can speak to this as you know, we want to attract people to this area for Kingdom purposes.

Ray Maybion  09:47
For Kingdom purposes. That’s it. That’s exactly right. And they would come from different parts of the city.

Nathan Sack  09:51
Yeah. And I actually I mean, I can be a witness to that and I come all the way from Red Bridge and Grandview and I got connected here and I would say, you know, I mean a lot of what you know connected us was through, you know, God’s Relay Race, but that connected us and then other people are coming down here from other parts of the city now. It’s incredible. It’s a coming together.

Ray Maybion 10:12
Everything that God does, He orchestrates for purpose. And again, you know, I never would have known you if he hadn’t been coming through another ministry that was here. And so here we are today on the, you know, on the microphone talking because of that, if anything we put together, you know, it’s interesting, we’re located at the 28th and Forest now 2732 Forest, and yet, we started on the apartment complex, but we were given this land is by grace, the God blessed us because we were here, and that’s one of the areas that I hang heavily on, when God has something for you, He will bring it to you. You don’t have to fight for it, you don’t have to go looking for it, He will bring it right into your hands. And that’s what He did here. He brought it into our hands, and then we have built what He gives us, and then we build with it. And that’s exactly what, you know, what we do here.

Nathan Sack  11:04
That’s awesome. Yeah, you know, on my way here, I was driving in and I don’t know what it looked back, like back in 1984. You know, but I just see the amount of the, in this neighborhood alone, just the amount of restoration of the of the old buildings and, and then the building of new buildings. And it’s just like, the whole area is just kind of like being operated on right now. And, you know, for new population in new life. And yeah, and that’s, I mean, really talk about it, an epicenter, you know, for this city, you know, it’s just I, it always excites me to see that type of thing happening in an area.

Ray Maybion  11:47
Let me give you insight. We were, we were in the dome, we had already built the dome. And this is like 91, this is 1991 we had built the dome and things were going good.

Nathan Sack  11:58
I think I was seven.

Ray Maybion  12:01
You were seven then, okay you were growing up. So we got the dome build. And in the morning time we’d have prayer, it’s 6 o’clock in the morning. And you know, as a result, there was the liquor store on the corner, there was a liquor store across the street and the drug and alcoholic people would come through the alley and go into the liquor store to get their fix. And they were selling drugs in the area. And so I was in in the room and we were praying, so Lord, please Oh God, would you please close the liquor store down? Father, will you please close it down? You know, we’re here trying to build for You God. And we can’t do that with all these alcoholics and drug addicts. People run around the building run around them the you know, the streets. And so the Lord stopped me. He said Ray hold it, hold it, hold it. He says, do you know the man that owns a liquor store? And I said, no, I don’t. He said, well, why are you trying to close him up? I said, well, I said, he’s bringing bad things to our people. He said, No. He’s feeling a need to the people in the area who are requiring a need. So he is a good businessman, isn’t he? And I go, well, yeah, he is. He said, well, why don’t you go over and quit praying to shut him down? And why don’t you go over and introduce yourself to him? And I said, are you serious, Lord? And he said yeah, go introduce yourself to him. So I had to get up off my knees praying about him closing him down. And I went over and met him and his name was Mike. I said, Mike, how’s it going? He said, and don’t you tell him what you do. And I said, my name is Raymond Maybion. And then I’m, you know, part of the community. I just want to come and introduce myself to you. Beautiful brother, he said, Raymond, glad to meet you. And we shaking hands and all of that. And so I began to walk around the store. And when I walked around the store begin to pray. I said, Lord, I just pray and I wouldn’t pray loud. And I would just every morning, I would go through the store, and I’d buy orange juice, and I began to have a conversation with him. He was getting ready to get married. And he was concerned about the drug addiction. He was concerned about the alcoholism. He said, I don’t know how we’re going to stop this. I said, but you, I started saying you you’re keeping it going. But he’s, he said, he said, I want to see these people change. He says if I could just if I could just do something that would help them. I thought, shut the store down, you know, but God said no, don’t forget, he’s a good businessman. All right. That’s what He told me. He said he is a good businessman. So we became friends. And we shared with each other. And then we had already started the health agency. And I told him that I would like my people to get their checks cashed over there. And so he opened up the door for that. And Billy Graham came into town. So Billy Graham crusade, and I can’t remember exactly the year now because it was in the 90s, early, early 20s. I mean, 2000. And when Billy Graham came in town, there was a poster that we had. We were having prayer city wide prayer over here on Thursday morning, and the guy brought me some posters, and I took a poster around and took the poster over to the liquor store and put it up. And there were those guys that were coming in to buy alcohol remember Billy Graham. And we began to have a conversation with the guys as they had their bottles in their hands and their little sacks under their arm,  about Billy Graham, and they were talking about their mother had been saved to Billy Graham or their uncle had been saved to Billy Graham. And we were able to create dialogue in a liquor store regarding Billy Graham and the love of the Lord. And these brothers began, I saw the people in a different light. I said, these people have giftings they have they have ideas about God, they have they have they understand who Jesus is, I said, they just don’t go to church. And, and then many of them said, we know who you are. And I said, okay, who am I. They said you are the spaceship pastor. I said- so I said, okay, why you call me the spaceship pastor? They said, well, you are the pastor of that dome over there. And that dome, when we get drunk, it looks like a spaceship. And they said, one day that spaceship is going to take off, and go up. And he says, when it does, I want you to come get me. And then every time I go there and talk with these guys, I come up with revelation that God is speaking through them. And I thought back probably about 6 years to 8 years before they said that, I was at a church and a group of prophets had gathered around me and said, your ministry is going to be like a spaceship. I mean, this before the dome before the, you know, 27th Street. And they said it’s going to hover on the ground for a long time, and then it’s going to take off. So the drug addicts and alcoholics gave conformation to my ministry, to the word of prophecy that I had received 8 to 10 years ago.

Nathan Sack  16:40
So God was confirming, confirming, spoken to you years earlier with these people who are of the world and had individual callings, and, you know, on their own lives.

Ray Maybion  16:53
So He taught me at that point, that the giftings of God are without repentance, and so, the church, our job is to get these people to bring them into His kingdom, He needs them.  He didn’t need a whole lot of good people, He needs people who have the giftings of God that He has given them. And many of them are in bondage in Egypt and that’s what he began to tell me. He said, I’ve seen the affliction of my people in Egypt, have compassion on them. And He said, I want you to begin to bring them out of Egypt. And so we began to start then praying for the atmosphere in the area, because we found out that the spirit of the mafia had covered this area. So then our battle is not the flesh and blood anymore, but with principalities and powers that are controlling the area.

Nathan Sack  17:43
Yeah, that’s so true. I remember having more than one conversation with you about this. I just thought it was very unique that you chose to take a different route when addressing a problem. Like, you know, you just talked about the liquor store with Mike. And, you know, you went met Mike, you made friends with Mike and you know, then you were able to start creating influence, but also, you know, it’s not the see, it seems like the person is the problem or the building is the problem. But really, you know, we talked a little bit about the principalities. So how does a principality or the enemy system of government get control or some type of greater influence over an area?

Ray Maybion  18:31
You know, it’s very interesting, Nathan that you would bring that up, because you’re right, it’s government. When we came into the area, the government of the mafia had been set up in this area, which means that it drew the mafia draws the prostitution, it draws the drugs, it draws in all the infection, it draws all the negatives of society because the mafia is in control, which is a spirit of bondage. Okay. So what you’re dealing with is the spirit of bondage. So when we came in, we said, okay, Lord, we want to pray after we had seen all this after we had heard that clearly what God was doing, and we could see that it’s not the people. We say, Lord, how do You want us to pray? And He said, but you have to you have to unbuckle the spiritual control. He said, because we’re control. First of all, you have the satanic spirit, which is the big the big overall second, second heaven reign. And then he has his principalities, which he puts over, over regions, which he puts over states over countries, then you have, you know, principalities, then you have the demonic realm. That’s that the co- controls all the negatives that go on in a society. You remember when Daniel had to fight the Prince of Persia, but he’s praying but when the answer came, the Prince of Persia was fighting the angel to bring the answer. So we found out that through this we began to start praying for that demonic realm. We began to start saying, Lord, we don’t come against the people anymore. Father there’s a spirit of alcoholism. that controls this area and we bind it, we come against it, we you know, we there’s a spirit of drug addiction that’s over this area. There’s a spirit and then these all these are under the spirit of bondage. So you have the spirit of bondage, which was out of the spirit of bondage, you have prostitution, you have drug addiction, you have alcoholism, you have all these other things that come in, you know, anger, murder, all those things come out of that mafia spirit. So for this particular area, all of it was there. I mean, you had murders around here all the time. I mean, murders in the apartment complexes over there murders in this apartment complex here. We can’t stop that. It’s a spiritual thing. Just like the murders that are going on in the city today. You can’t stop it, because why you trying to stop it over here it pops up over there. So we began to pray for the area. And before you know it, you begin to start seeing things loosening up. On Saturday, I would have Bible study with the alcoholics who would come over with their bottles, and we will sit outside and have Bible study, they would park their bottles like you park a car, and they would come up and we would have a nice time having I preach to them, and we’d have Bible study. And then they would get when they get up. They said, well, we had a good time, they would pick the bottles up. One day, a guy had put his bottle in the poison ivy, and I will never forget this and I made a message out of it. He says, hey pal, he called me Rev. Hey, Rev that’s what they call me. Hey, Rev my bottle was in the poison ivy. And I got poison ivy around my bottle. I don’t want my bottle anymore. I’m a leave it right there. And I made a message poison ivy around the bottle. He had parked his bottle in the poison ivy and he said, I don’t want it anymore. And so we begin to see them and rejoice. And on Saturday, they would meet me, and I would be dedicated to meet them out here at 11 o’clock. We’d have Bible study, and they bring their bottles, they would sit they had chairs out there. And that was their church. So I started a church with alcoholics on the Sabbath.

Nathan Sack  21:53
That works, it works. It works. So just to bring it back. How does a church do battle with principalities?

Ray Maybion  22:01
Very few churches are what I call a spiritual entities that know how to rise into the heavenlies and begin to decree and declare. The apostolic ministry is one of the few ministries that come forth. You have the apostle, the prophet, the evangelist, the pastor and the teacher, which is a part of the fivefold ministry out of Ephesians, the fourth chapter, when you bring those different giftings together, then it says, for the perfecting of the saints, for the work of the ministry, and the work of the ministry is to destroy the principalities over an area. Because we’ve been taken to work with the ministry is run out here getting people saved. Well, it’s not the people that need to be saved. Once the once the entity has been bound the people look for their Savior.

Nathan Sack  22:51
Yeah. So you know, Neil Brown, you know, Neil Brown. Yeah, good man, you know, wrote the book, Kansas City’s Redemptive Gifts. We recently had him on the podcast, one of the things that he was talking about was, or part of what he was bringing up or making a point of, we made a big point of was the wells of revival in Kansas City. So you know, what you’re talking about, just there even is just the apostolic ministry, is to release the captive wells that God originally put here, and then also, to release the people to their callings and their giftings and equip them to do what God called them to do.

Ray Maybion  23:35
That’s exactly right. For the perfecting of the saints. And that’s when you bring up the fivefold ministry together which will you have the apostle, the prophet, the evangelist, the pastor, the teacher is for the perfecting of the saints, which is for the work of ministry. In other words, the perfecting comes in that it’s like a broken bone that’s been knitted back together, and for the work of the ministry until we all become unified or one under the headship of Jesus Christ. And that’s exactly what’s what you know what’s taking place and if that doesn’t come to pass and the city can have revival, because the enemy is constantly fighting and keeping the city divided. The purpose of the enemy has to keep the city divided. Coronavirus divides people, it divides families, it divides churches, it divides you know people are upset because I got to wear a mask and all divides people. And what is happening, that the enemy is at work again through the virus. He does not want people to get together.

So the purpose of the fivefold ministry is to bring people together. So when you come together, you become a unified body, the body of Christ and then the body of Christ can then point because Christ is head and He says back off, and they have to back off. Then you have your warring angels who could then come in and those answers for prayers began to come forward. Father, we would love to see this place as a and we used to pray we would love to see this place as a garden. We would love to see this place and Lord says this area is going to be like a garden. It’s gonna be a well-watered garden with beautiful trees, beautiful buildings, beautiful, beautiful, you know people living in the area is coming to pass. He spoke that. And now we begin to see it. I’ve been here long enough to be able to see it. And so I said, Lord, Lord, this is awesome. I said, this is awesome. He says, well, but you did, as you were praying, you guys came together as a body and you began to defeat the principalities that had control over this area. So drug addiction is not around here anymore. Prostitution isn’t around here anymore. It’s gone. It’s no longer welcome because it when they come into it, the spirits say no this is not the place, get out of here. So gotta be some angels. Beautiful Man. The presence of the Lord is in His place. Homes being broken into you don’t have that anymore. You don’t have that. We had and I never forget one Sunday morning. We had had a little girl named Kweisi. Her name is Kweisi. It’s kind of a funny name. Kweisi. And we were having church over here in the house. This house right here. We were having church and this is where we got started before we built the dome. And we had left the apartment building we got over here. We bought this house. And I heard that Kweisi got hit by a car over here at 27th street. But when I got over there, they call they came to get me I was preaching. They said hey pastor, pastor Kweisi has been hit by a car accident. I’m on my way. I left the pulpit I walked I walked run around. When I got over there, the ambulance driver was there. And the ambulance driver was in there praying. If you could just imagine this, the ambulance driver comes in here comes the ambulance driver he’s in there, praying in tongues and praying for her. Lord, we pray and then I begin to start praying. And everybody’s concerned about Kweisi, they can see that her leg was broken. And she had been hit by this car and the car took off, you know. And we went on down the policemen where there everybody was just in sync in prayer. We went to the emergency room and I said when I get through preaching, I’ll be down to the emergency room and I’ll meet you guys down there. When I got down there all the people in the neighborhood was there- the alcoholics and drug addicts all of them are down there praying for Kweisi, and they said come on Rev pray, pray. And we were in a room praying. The church was always accepted in this area. They respected the church.

Nathan Sack  27:20
Yeah, that’s incredible. That’s absolutely awesome. 

Ray Maybion  27:23
They came to the church when they needed help.

Nathan Sack  27:25
They almost, you could say they respected and accepted, accepted and respected the church.

Ray Maybion  27:33
I mean, it was just it was just an amazing thing. We were able to be in this thing. And we were fighting. We saw the miracles, we saw the people who couldn’t have babies, and they started having babies. I mean, we saw the miracles happen in this area. So we said, and so we were trying to get out. They said, Lord, we need to build a church now. And the Lord said, why are you leaving? What’s this building  the church? So I began to understand He says up on this rock, I will build my ecclesia. And the ecclesia is, is a called-out people doing business for the kingdom. And I thought, oh, okay. It’s not a building with a steeple on the top. That’s not the church. It’s the people.

Nathan Sack  28:15
It’s the business- I always, I always like the church is actually should be about the business of the kingdom of God.

Ray Maybion  28:19
Yeah. And we’ve made the church the place where you deposit all your stuff. And the world can do its own thing and get away with everything, because your church has no effect. But when the church has an effect, you see the very people that everybody talks about having total respect for the church. It blew me away. And so I said, Lord, I’m looking at this thing from a different perspective. It was good. It was good. We used to do evangelistic work in the area. And what we end up doing is praying for people. We go to the apartment complexes and man we pray for alcoholics. We pray for drug addicts. They love this man. Yeah, they would always and they would protect us. And we, if anything came up, we were protected. Because of the of the we become a part of the neighborhood. We were a part of the neighborhood.

Nathan Sack  29:08
So the apostolic center, like I know that is the kingdom, Bethlehem Kingdom Center, and you’re looking at that as an apostolic center. So when you say apostolic center, like what is the what is what you’re thinking of?

Ray Maybion  29:20
Okay. One of the things that happened you know, initially we were legally called Bethlehem Christian Assembly. And that’s basically where we were and there’s nothing wrong with it. We still basically legally are Bethlehem Christian Assembly, but our name for activity is Bethlehem Kingdom Center. Now, a kingdom center represents the seven mountains of society. It represents the educational, the religious, the business, the media, the government, okay. Political and a couple of more, but it’s a Hollywood, those are the seven pillars of society. Okay, the family and so what ends up happening, we begin, we work on each one of those entities as a center. You are this morning over at the place where they working on families. They’re teaching the people how to take care of their children. If you come Saturday, we were dealing with businesses, how can we become get more businesses in the inner city, because so many of our people, there’s a lot of money that should be staying in the inner city, but you have businesses coming into the inner city and pulling money out of the inner city. So as a result, the inner city falls apart, the houses are they can’t get the house repaired. The streets look bad. I mean, this is degradation, because the money that’s spent and there’s a lot of money spent in the inner city, but he goes out to suburbia, because suburbia owns most of the businesses.

Nathan Sack  30:58
Yeah, that really is a passion and a problem that I really I’m like, Oh Lord, because if we can get the right families in this area, you know, owning businesses, they will that will create little micro kingdoms, if you will, you know, that will then begin to feed the feed the people and then educate the people to have, you know, to create economy. And it’s Kingdom economy.

Ray Maybion  31:26
Kingdom economy, okay. Here’s another example. I go into a mechanic shop, he says, Man, I’d love to work on your car, but I’m two weeks behind, because I don’t have any mechanics. Okay, our job from the kingdom center is saying how can we? How can we get mechanics trained? So we start a training school for mechanics.

Nathan Sack  31:43
You did?

Ray Maybion  31:44
We’re doing it now. But that’s one of the things that we’re doing. The other thing that we’re working on right now is that there’s a shortage of truck drivers. You got trucks that are stuck in the dock, they nobody can drive them out, because you got merchandise they can’t come in, in land because they’re no truck drivers. So we say, how can we solve- a kingdom center solves the problems of society. So how can we solve this problem? Well, we got together we say, well, we can get a box truck or we can get an over the road truck. I have a friend of mine who’s an over road driver experience over the road driver who’s been driving for, you know, 30 to 40 years in Tennessee, he can train truck drivers. So he can train them to get their license. And not only that, but we can get a box truck and we can get started working for Amazon, working for Walmart as a kingdom center. In other words, we don’t flow with so much with donations. We flow with businesses. So business brings money back into the house. So that’s what we’re dealing with right now. The education piece, we learned this year, that so many of the children who were a part of the inner city did not get a chance to study during the pandemic because their parents were working. So they sitting at home doing nothing. So right now they’re behind in school. So we weren’t, we’re trying to work with the school board to see if we can begin to start bringing those children over to the dome, to train them where they lack and we want to bring them up to par so they can be with their with their peers. So we want to be able to start a training thing. That’s what, that’s what an apostolic center does. We want to be able to have a broadcast where we can give out the truth of the gospel, not just bring people in to take their money, but give people the truth of the gospel. Do you understand what I’m saying? Just like this podcast, we want to hear the truth. And this is an apostolic ministry. In other words, it’s a ministry of helps. We don’t build buildings, we build people. We build people. We’re not worried about adding another room or worried about putting a chimney on a big steeple that costs $20,000 on top of the church, when we can take that $20,000. I have a lady that wants to train pharmacy techniques, technicians. So she wants to start a class over at the dome. And these are these all these areas that we’re working on right now. We want to be able to have a business. So right now you’re we’re doing this broadcast and the business that is a part of the dome. We got areas that we’re dealing with right now, we want to begin to start working with nursing homes, because we really realize that there are people in the nursing home, who need Christian care- people in their hearts who really care. And we want to be able to pull together, you know, and not more than 12 people in a nursing home not more than 12. And that way they can be able to be taken care of properly. Those are ideas that we have political wise. Ray, one of the senior pastors here, my son, and another brother, go to all the city council meetings.

Nathan Sack  34:43
I watch them online every once in a while.

Ray Maybion  34:47
And they go down to city council meeting. Well, when they went down to the city council meeting, I had spoken that we need to have a room to pray. Okay, from an apostolic perspective, when you speak, the Lord begins to hear you cry, and then He opens the door. Well happened while they were at one of the city council meetings, one of the people that are in them in the city council chambers said, you know, you guys need a place to pray. So there’s a room over there. And we have a room just like this, that we go in and pray that’s related just for us down in City Hall. That’s the kingdom center. When we go down and pray, we pray that there’ll be a free flow. The day that they when the LBGT community was down at complaining about not having bathrooms for their own people. We were in there praying, Father, Your will be done in Kansas City. Let Your kingdom come, let Your will be done in this group. We declare salvation for this group. So that’s what we do. That’s the kingdom center.

Nathan Sack  35:40

Ray Maybion  35:41
That’s the difference. It’s not just a church on Sunday morning, taking up collection and singing a few, you know, songs, even though we do that, but our work is during the week. So then we started in January, we’re gonna have a business incubator where we began to start encouraging businesses in it not only at the church, but in the community. If you got an idea for a business, you got a new way of fixing hotdogs, well, we want to know what it is. And then we want to help fund you to get it going. We have a young lady who’s a who’s a beautician, which, you know, it’s my granddaughter, and she doesn’t have a place to go. So she does her beautician work at church. She brings in her customers and what ends up happening, we end up praying for the people she brings in because they come in with problems. So she stops and she said, this lady here is crying and I can’t figure out she’s crying because her family is-. So we come over and we minister to them. So the church becomes a place of ministry, because of the kingdom center, we’re going into the mountains, and then we’re bringing finding those that need help and we bring them into the presence of the Lord. And when they leave, they’re raising their hands. A little girl came in the other day, she was very cripple and hurting. And we began to pray for her and all her to tears just I mean, she cried a whole bucket of tears because nobody had taken the time to say you can be healed, God can straighten your legs. God can straighten your back and we began to broadcast to her that God’s a healer. She said He’s a healer. He is a healer. And then we begin to pray for them. That’s how revival get started. You see, one little girl call. And she was sitting in a pew on Sunday and Monday, she said she had been diagnosed she had a back problem. And so we pray for her back. And so she went to the doctor. He said she’s got two cysts in over her kidney. And she said he said, I think it’s cancer. But I had the family to pray. I had the family to get together every night at a certain time lay hands on her and pray, speak the word, not just ask God to heal, but speak the word of the Lord over her. She went to have the biopsy, got the report back that it wasn’t cancerous and that they were able to take it out.  So she gives a testimony, this child that I’m healed, praise the Lord.  So we get we getting that type of feedback in the church right now. And that’s, that’s a good thing. That’s a kingdom center.

Nathan Sack  37:54
So, I you know, just to provide a little bit more clarity on this, because I just think this is a really good teaching point for anybody in the body of Christ is that so basically a kingdom center encourages the people that are in their church to be like city influencers.

Ray Maybion  38:10
City influencers, that’s it.

Nathan Sack  38:15
Or neighborhood influencers, or you know, maybe their city block.

Ray Maybion  38:17
All the city council people know us. When they go down to the meetings, I don’t have to go. When they go down to the meetings they know and say, hey, you guys got a seat, and plus you got a place to pray.

Nathan Sack  38:26
So it’s like equipping God’s influencers on Earth, I’m just trying to kind of like, hash it out, you know, kind of, you know, so that way people understand. So, if the ministry was asking for prayer, or asking for help in any regards, you know, just talk about, you know, some of the future hope. And then you know, what would you ask for prayer for, and-

Ray Maybion  38:47
What I would like to say is one of the, one of the things if people could just stop and listen to what we’re doing, and to see our mindset. We’re not here to build the biggest church building in Kansas City. We’re here to show how we can trust God for that which we need. And we believe that that God has a purpose in Kansas City. And we want to be able to flow with those purposes. We know that one of the purposes of God in Kansas City is that He wants to dwell with us. He wants to be a part of us, but He can’t be a part of us when the church is not as one. The church is not out of Ephesians the four chapters. The church is all divided. Because He said with every wind and doctrine, you know, we don’t we don’t want to every wind and doctrine we want to be as one. One body, one Lord, one faith, one baptism. So we need prayer that there would be an understanding of an apostolic center.

Nathan Sack  39:38
That’s awesome. Yeah, that’s absolutely true. Yeah. Good word. If people wanted to reach out to you get a hold of you. I mean, I know that there’s the there’s the definitely the website that you that if people wanted to individually reach out to you. Do you have a-

Ray Maybion  39:54
I would say the website is KC, which is Kansas City, BKC, which is Bethlehem Kingdom Center dot org. And that’s that that’ll tell you who we are. And then we are located at 20-28th and Forest around the corner 28th and Forest and it’s a round dome church, we are the dome church. One of the areas that we have concentrated on in the city and what we’re known for in the city, we call ourselves the prayer dome. So the prayer dome, that means that we pray, because we understand the necessity and the heart of prayer. And that’s what we’ve done. We’ve understood that, and we now are doing that. But we need we need prayer in that area. And when we do announce prayer, we would like for you to join us, we used to have 24 hour prayer in three hour shifts. And we would like for you to join in one of the shifts and pray with us.

Nathan Sack  40:44
So how often do you guys get together for your 24-

Ray Maybion  40:49
Usually we try to do it every quarter. If it all possible, usually every quarter, and we’ll get together and we’ll take a Friday night. We start at six o’clock on Friday evening, they prayed to Saturday evening, six o’clock, and we pray for whatever, whatever needs to be prayed for in the city at that time. For some reason the murder rate just keeps climbing. So we continue to consistently prayed for the things that causes murder. And that’s and that’s first of all, the biggest is anger. And the next is retaliation. So many of the murders are retaliation against you kill my brother, you kill my sister, you kill my uncle, you kill my aunt. And so people are they don’t let the police solve it. They solve it. So that’s retaliation. So many of the murders are retaliation, and you got that going on. Then you got the confusion and families that turmoil and husband and wives and turmoil with kids and you got all that happening. So we pray against those areas that are disruptive, because those are the end result of those disruptive, disruptive areas is murdered. So we don’t pray for the spirit of murder. We pray for the spirit of anger, the spirit of retaliation, and the spirit of family frustrations.

Nathan Sack  42:01 Awesome. Well, thank you so much for being with me today. And I really liked learning more about the Bethlehem Kingdom center, you know, a little bit of it, you know, some of its history, you’ve got a lot more history. I mean, we’ve had conversations that if we continue to have conversations, we never, we never get over this podcast.

Ray Maybion  42:19
One of the areas that I did want to mention, and because it’s a part of the process is we have a medical thing. We believe that God is interested in treating people without drugs. So we bring in people who need help. And the first thing we need to do is pray for them. The next thing is give them scriptures. The next thing is look at their diet, because most people are eating wrong. And then the next final thing is their supplements. Most people- we’re made from the dirt. And most of us need the minerals, we need our minerals, and we need our vitamins. And so we need to replace that, you know, our minerals and vitamins. So, so that makes a big difference. Oh, that’s awesome. So we started that last year, and we were working with older people and all the different high rise older people, senior citizen places, and Kansas City with one of our doctors. So we working with physicians who are going in and teaching people how to eat properly. And then the virus came in, of course, you know, we couldn’t get back in the buildings. But we’re hoping this year to get back again with the doctors, teaching people how to eat properly, and we want to start a clinic where people can come and get help.

Nathan Sack  43:25
Is that through Bethlehem?

Ray Maybion  43:27
Right now through the Bethlehem Home Health Care.

Nathan Sack  43:31
And you started that business-

Ray Maybion  43:32
20 years ago, so we started that 20 years ago.

Nathan Sack  43:36
Awesome. So that was the Bethlehem I’m sorry Health Care-

Ray Maybion  43:40
Home Health Care.

Nathan Sack  43:42 Bethlehem Home Health Care.

Ray Maybion  43:43
We have Bethlehem Home Health Care. We have also a nonprofit, which is Forest Home Care Ministries, which deals with people who don’t have the money to, to you know, pay for their health care.  So we thought about that. So there’s many entities that we receive out of the kingdom center, all of these-

Nathan Sack  43:59
You’re an apostolic center, all you have to say kind of comes with the territory you create, create,

Ray Maybion  44:05
Create, create, create, so we hope that by next year we’ll have the mechanic shop, we’ll get a mechanic shop. We’re looking at also having a place where we can teach young people how to sell hamburgers, hot dogs. We have a man in church that wants to put a hotdog stand up but the purpose is not only to sell hotdogs but to also teach people how to be entrepreneurial. We’ll take some of the kids off the street and we will teach them how to how to sell hotdogs, how to treat people right, how to say good morning, may I help you, you know teach them how to love people when they serving people hot dogs, not the hot dogs. You know they learn how to cook hot dogs, learn how to dress the hot dog and you know we got to go and do this.

Nathan Sack  44:43
Ray Maybion thank you so much for being on the Faith Horizons podcast.

Ray Maybion  44:47 
Appreciate the idea of you being a catalyst in the field of broadcasting to bring forth change. This is kingdom.

Nathan Sack  44:55
Wow. I hope you learned as much as I did. I will make sure to include website links to Bethlehem Kingdom Center and also Bethlehem Home Health, so that you can check them out for yourself. God bless. Thank you so much for joining us for another Faith Horizons podcast. We look forward to sharing more conversations from the kingdom of God in Kansas City. If you’d like to partner with the Faith Horizons mission to discover the kingdom of God in Kansas City, one conversation at a time, please go to www.patreon.com forward slash faith horizons. Thank you so much.

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