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We had a great time at the Westport Plexpod in November! Many of the members shared testimonies about what is happening in their workplace, testimonies of miracles, of people coming to know Christ. God took us on a journey behind the scenes and showed us pieces of what He is up to.

A great analogy for this is that of a tapestry. While working on it from behind, you don’t see the beautiful picture you’re creating on the other side. In this monthly get together we got to see glimpses of the beautiful picture God is weaving together!



Nathan Sack  00:19
Welcome to another Faith Horizons Kingdom brief. These are short podcast between 5 and 10 minutes. The purpose of a kingdom brief is to share highlights from ongoing Kingdom activities and announce events in Kansas City.

We had a great time at God’s Relay Race in November. Many of the members shared testimonies about what God is doing in their workplace, testimonies of miracles of people coming to know Christ.  God took us on a journey behind the scenes and showed us pieces of what He is up to. The image of a tapestry comes to mind, while working on it from behind you don’t see the beautiful picture you’re creating on the other side. In this monthly get together we got to see glimpses of the beautiful picture God is weaving together! Here is my conversation with Scott Stanger.

So Scott, do you mind sharing just some of your heart about God’s Relay Race?

Scott Stanger  00:49
Sure, you know, God’s Relay Race been inspired by historical event that happened in Kansas City in 1923. We’re coming up on the centennial of that. And so a few years ago, based upon that event, we’ve gathered annually, and now we’re gathering monthly and who knows, it may become more frequent than that. But God’s Relay Race is pretty unique, that I think if there’s one word that comes to mind to describe what it is, its incubation. We meet at the Plexpod in Westport, which is in the heart of the city. And if you know the history of Kansas City, it holds a very, very significant place in not only the history of Kansas City, but specifically the business history of Kansas City. So here we are, we’re meeting in Westport Middle School, that, you know, it’s been converted now to the Plexpod business incubator, and that’s exactly what we are doing there. We are coming together, and we are incubating Kingdom business in the marketplace of Kansas City.

This past session, you know, Saturday, a couple of days ago, was maybe you might describe it as an R&D session. You know, in the business world, you have research and development team that is brings together all these brainiacs of engineers and programmers and chemists and scientists, and so on. Whatever that business accomplishes whether it produces a product or service or a technology, they these, the R&D department is there to come together and creatively solve a problem or create a new product or solution. And it’s just constant brainstorming and experimentation. And voila, something comes out on the other side that is groundbreaking and epic. And that’s, that’s what really happened this past Saturday, is there was a lot more R&D, so to speak, we some, you know, it had an ebb and flow to it. And I’m, you know an executive and  I’m a type A personality, and I like to plan and strategize and have some kind of an agenda. And so my tendency is to come together and have all of those things, organized and orderly. And we do all those and and not to say that we we don’t try to follow some kind of a format, but it’s truly yielding to the Holy Spirit of what He wants to do in us, through us and beyond us, in the marketplace of Kansas City. And we’re listening for Him listening through by reading scriptures and praying together and encouraging one another. This past Saturday, we especially had a lot of powerful testimonies that were shared of what’s happening inside of people’s businesses, and how there’s, you know, evangelism and discipleship and prayer and intercession that’s happening inside of businesses and miracles occurring. I mean, we’re talking about documented medical miracles happening in the lives of people. So it was very inspiring, and really, really encouraging.

Nathan Sack  04:17
Yes, I can attest to that. There was quite a few very, unique incredible testimonies of people getting saved and new Christians fasting and praying for people to get healed and I’m like, yeah, if that’s not discipleship, I don’t I don’t know what is.

Scott Stanger  04:59  Yeah. And you know, Saturday, it was a little intentional on my part, as I was praying the days ahead, saying, Father, what is it that You want to emphasize this Saturday? And I always do that and do that with a team of people. So it’s not just about Scott Stanger doing this. No, it’s It’s about all of us doing that. And I kind of you know, informally, poll Some of the leaders, the core group that comes and say, Hey, what do you think the Lord saying? What is it that we want to emphasize? 

And what was was clear to me was that we wanted to showcase some of these testimonies, and one businessman in particular, Kevin. And so he came in, and he shared some things. And then that just ignited that and, in fact, one of the things is, was described, and I’ve sure we’ve all seen these videos of these artists who set up these domino things where they’ll have thousands and thousands of dominoes, and some kind of an intricate pattern, and so on. And they’ve done these in shopping centers, I remember the first time I ever saw was on the old Johnny Carson Show with tens of thousands, these dominoes. And so that was kind of what we wanted to do is allow God to set up this domino display. And there was one person who came in and shared his testimony, what God’s doing in his business. And voila, that became the tipping point for that first domino, and if just one after another, and we saw this beautiful tapestry of things that God’s doing in our city, specifically in the marketplace and the businesses around Kansas City.

Nathan Sack  06:17
Yes, that was really incredible. One of the unique to your point of the dominos and the tapestry is, you don’t know what a tapestry looks like from behind. And you don’t know what the picture the dominoes are painting, the the reds and the yellows and the blues are until the first domino goes down. And then it begins to unveil the picture that God has been painting in the marketplace of Kansas City, I really feel like there’s a hidden agenda that the Lord is beginning to unveil. In Kansas City,

Scott Stanger  06:48
Right. There’s a proverb that says, it’s to the glory of God to conceal a matter and the glory of kings to search it out. And so that’s kind of what we were doing on Saturday as he had this beautiful domino display set up. And on one side of it, it just looked like a bunch of black and white dominoes. But all of a sudden, when it went forward, it revealed colors and patterns and, and things that he wanted to speak to us to get on board with in our businesses and in the in his move of the Spirit and His Kingdom in Kansas City.

Nathan Sack  07:22
Well, one of the things that came up and guys really raised was the Ezekiel 47, one through seven and in that was tied back to Billy Graham’s mentioning that the Marketplace is where the next move of God is going to happen. But can you just go over a little bit about Ezekiel 47, one through seven?

Scott Stanger  07:39
Well, you just opened up a whole treasure chest, there are other things. There’s some scriptures that have become pillars for us in God’s Relay Race, as we’ve been doing this now, coming up on our fourth year. And as certain things we’ve captured and say, Here, these are important for us to understand they give us some direction, some clarification. And one of those is a passage you referenced there from Ezekiel. And it’s where Ezekiel is in a vision. And this angel is walking him through some things that starts out in the temple. Back in ancient Israel, and the the angel, there’s a river that’s coming out from the temple, and it’s going to the east, and this angel is walking him out like 1000 cubits. And this river is ankle deep. And then it goes 1000 more cubits and it’s knee deep and waist deep and so on. And finally gets to this point where it says that it’s too deep to even ford across. And it says in that place, there are these fishermen out there and they’re casting their nets and they’re catching lots of fish. Well, there’s so many things that we can take away from that we know that, that God wants to pour out his Spirit represented by the river, and that we see the the catching of the fish and and this great harvest that He wants to bring forth of harvesting souls for His kingdom, and so on. And one thing to take away from that is it’s not happening inside the temple. It’s in fact, the further away from the temple you get, the deeper and the more powerful the flow becomes. And that’s not to say that God doesn’t want to do things inside of the temple or the church, so to speak. But He, as I say, Jesus, or Jack lives in a box, but Jesus doesn’t. God wants us to, to take Him outside of the four walls of the church or the the box there that we oftentimes put Him in. And when we do- the further we’ll go out there with Him further out on the limb we’ll go with Him, the more that He can show up and do. And so that is just one of those scriptures that is foundational to us to say, this is what we’re doing. We’re taking the stream of God’s Kingdom, of prayer and intercession into the marketplace out there where there’s going to be a harvest of souls. There’s going to be the catching of fish and bringing them into God’s love.

Show Notes

God’s Relay Race is a workplace prayer gathering that meets on the second Saturday every month at the Plexpod in Wesport.

Second Saturday of every month  from 8-10am at the Westport Plexpod
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You’re invited to pray with other business leaders!
For more information go to – www.kcpray.com

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