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Forgotten Streets

Recently I drove through parts of the city that I have not been in a while exploring.  Following I – 70 I jumped off at the city Market and stayed on 6th street past the River Market and took a left on Charlotte and then a right on Independence Ave. 

This stretch of road is fascinating! You see businesses that are right on top of the street. A variety of grocery stores and small bakery’s. A thriving hispanic community and great Barbecue and Chinese joints.


It is fascinating to see all the building and living areas that this area host. I followed 24 highway indepence through the city passing the many small businesses lining the roads. Many of them are so close to the road that you would have to get out and walk the boardwalk to be able to even see what they include. Coffee, Latino joints, auto stores mechanic shops, title companies.  As you continue down the road you begin to see signs of decay parts of our city have been forgotten. 

Layer apon layer this city has been built and parts of it are hurting we build the new and forget about the old. We get excited about new things and don’t send in repairers to remodel the old. 

There is lots of life out there waiting to be discovered, people to meet and little nooks to find. 

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