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Prayer Recap for God’s Relay Race – In this prayer recap we talked about dead bones rising, a current revival atmosphere, and gaining a place of intercession for our families, businesses, and city.


Nathan Sack  00:17
Welcome to another Faith Horizons Kingdom brief. These are short podcasts between 5 and 10 minutes. The purpose of a kingdom brief is to share highlights from ongoing Kingdom activities and announce events in Kansas City. In this God’s Relay Race recap, we talked about dead bones rising, a current revival atmosphere in the city, and the desire to gain a place of intercession for our families, businesses and city. Here’s my conversation with Scott Stanger. The worship songs that you selected for God’s Relay Race this time, one of them was a song from Elevation called Dry Bones Rattling. I thought that was absolutely an incredible song. I will produce a link to it so that you can whoever wants to listen to it can. So then the other song that I noticed was a song that had that Kari Jobe as the main singer, which was called Forever. And in that song, there was actually a speaker that came out and he actually talked about. It was just such an encouraging speaker, just this, he really poured out like a revelation from the Lord. And one of the things he said, he said, Joy has a name, and his name is Jesus Christ. And I was just so inspired. It was a good ramp up to where we went this God’s Relay Race.

Scott Stanger  01:39
Well, well, I’m so glad you said this. We didn’t talk about this, you know, as we were preparing for this little podcast here. But we normally have a Live worship team leading worship and totally entrusted to them. They’re so anointed, we’ve got a couple of different teams actually, and they’re all wonderful servants, usher us into God’s presence with their gift of, of worship, and, and music. And for this weekend, it just didn’t work out any of the team A,B,C all the way through Z couldn’t be there. So I just went and found some songs online. Actually, my wife was the one who said, I think this is a song so that Rattling Bones was hers. And I just believe that was God’s sovereignty. And then sometimes when you know, you listen to one song online, all sudden, another one comes right up after it and forever was one of those as well. And it’s kind of like when Peter, Jesus invited Peter to step out of the boat and walk on the water. My gosh, you know, you get out there, you put something out there, this song or that song, and you start playing it, and you just close your eyes and you’re singing along within your you almost don’t want to open your eyes and look around to see what was everybody enjoying this? And is it engaging them? Are they checking their emails or what? So the fact that you said that it so powerfully impacted you? I’m thankful because I wasn’t sure how those songs were received. But they seem to have been received well.

Nathan Sack  03:18
Because the dry bones in Kansas City are currently rattling, right? Yeah, and so rattling and they’re rattling, and they’re waiting for the people of God to speak live.

Scott Stanger  03:30
I think that story I try to remember, it’s from Ezekiel, the Rattling Bones, dry bones, and it’s either Ezekiel 27, or 37. But God says to Ezekiel, prophesy over these bones, and so we have a responsibility we have, I love the way you can take that word and could say, an ability to respond, you know, responsibility is an ability to respond. So we have an ability to respond to God’s word, in obedience, and to, you know, if you will prophesy over these dead bones that are rattling now across the marketplace of Kansas City, across Kansas City, and all the different elements of our society, the education system, government, families, churches, and so on. But we gather specifically for the marketplace of Kansas City and to say, Lord, call forth what you want to do these these dry bones these these dreams that have been forgotten these these callings, maybe that haven’t yet been entered into of leaders in the marketplace. And that doesn’t mean just CEOs and business owners and founders and so leaders are anybody who walks in the name of Christ and the authority of Christ. Then we’re all out there able to call forth these dry bones and these dried bones and assemble God’s army for this hour.

Nathan Sack  05:08
One of the other things that came up was there’s a younger member there and the youngest member, they’re brought up that revival is in this room we kept talking about, you know, revival that this meeting really had a lot of different takes on a needed coming revival. But he brought up that revival is in this room, you know, what are we waiting for? There’s an outpouring in this room, what can we do from where we are at, you know, and then he had this, like God make something happen attitude. And I was like, you know, what we need the young people who are less patient about something happening. And we need the middle aged people who are more established, where they’re where they’re at, and they have families, and we need the people who have been around for a long time to help steward, the next move of God, we need all of it. It’s all of it, because we all share different takes on the same thing that God is doing.

Scott Stanger  06:09
I like what you said there, steward the next move of God or work of God, however you said it. But steward, He invites us into this place of stewardship with Him. Obviously, He’s the source of all this. It’s by His Spirit, His power, His mind, His sovereignty, and so on. But he invites us in to steward this thing with us. And, you know, we really don’t play a huge role. I mean, what does that look like to steward? We’re just, we’re kind of riding along in the chariot with Him. What does somebody who’s riding in the chariot do? Not much. The chariot driver is driving it, and they’re throwing the spear, and yada, yada, yada, but we’re in this chariot with Him to steward this journey with Him. And if you think about it, salvation, doesn’t cost us anything. It cost Him everything. It cost Him the life of His son. But revival does have a cost. It’ll cost us everything we get invited into. As Paul said, In Philippians, 3:10, I think we get invited into the fellowship of His sufferings. In other words, He invites us into a place of not only intimacy with Him to know what’s on His heart, but to experience what’s on His heart, and in through deep intimacy, but ultimately, intercession coming into that place where we can experience the grief that’s on His heart for our lost society, the grief that’s on His heart, frankly, for the current condition of the church. And so He invites, if you will, forerunners not elitist in any way, but somebody’s got to be first somebody walks through the doorway first, and everybody then follows afterwards. So He invites some people to come in, experience the intimacy with Him, the burdens that are on His heart, the fellowship of His sufferings, and then those become the, those become the catalyst for revival, as we lay our lives on the altar of sacrifice, you know, being poured out as a drink offering unto Him for our, our city, our families, our neighborhoods, our businesses, you know, every aspect of society. And and that’s really what God’s Relay race is, is about. It’s not just coming together and fellowshipping and it’s wonderful to experience that to the degree we are and prayer, you know, prayer warriors coming together and beautiful worship and so on. But there’s another level, this intercession and I, I talk about this a lot. There’s a famous 20th century intercessor, named Rees Howells from the UK. And he was he and those his students, he founded the Wales Bible college, he and his students were instrumental in being used by God in intercession for the military campaign of World War Two. Winston Churchill and then the political leaders and military leaders of the UK, called upon Rees Howells, and his team of intercessors, to be praying for the unfolding of the military campaign across Europe, the European Theater in North Africa and so on. And he talks about the gaining this position of intercession. In other words, entering into this place of intimacy and experiencing the fellowship of His sufferings to gain the position of intercession. And that’s really what we are after here. We don’t claim to have attained it in any regard. In fact, Paul said there in Philippians three that he says Listen, I don’t make claim to have attained this but I’m pressing in to get the mark of the prize of the high calling in Christ. And that’s what we’re doing, as we gather each month is gaining this position of intercession for God’s heart for the marketplace of Kansas City for the city of Kansas City, for this generation, the heart of America in this nation.

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