Good Cheer on St. John

"I am going to love you till you can love yourself"
Photo by Brandon Yohe
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Good Cheer on St. John

First, a disclaimer, I am Nathan’s mom.
And yes, I listen to his podcasts.
Nathan has always sought after the Lord.
For this I am most grateful to the Lord.
It is not a given.

Bobby Jo is vibrant and even without the visual,
she came through loud and clear with her words.
Some of the words she said about those she is helping to get free
I am going to love you till you can love yourself were powerful.
And are not they just like the Lord.
He loves us till we can love ourselves and Him in return.

What delighted me so about Bobby Jo’s ministry
is the simple way she began.
She started by bringing travel sized lotions,
shampoos, and toothpaste to women’s shelters.
That one small act of kindness not only made the women feel good,
but Bobby Jo felt good about it and kept it up.
The Lord drew her into BIGGER by the
smallest of kindnesses she showed others.

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Throughout the podcast the host, Nathan,
exuberantly interrupts Bobby Jo
because he too is thrilled with what God is doing in the city.
Beautification, Restarting the heart,
creative arts, miracles were all words
blubbered out by both Nathan and Bobby Jo.

The whole point of Faith Horizons is to promote
what the Lord is doing in the marketplace and
outside the church in Kansas City.

This broadcast was full to the brim with intense joy
and was an absolute shot of good cheer.
Be of Good cheer I have overcome the world – John 16vs 33

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