Man has No Authority to Create Law!

God's Kingdom Law
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In a kingdom there must be law and God’s kingdom is no different. In this episode we talked about the Constitution, the two purposes of law, and the best place to uncover God’s kingdom law.

Steve Magnuson describes how America at the beginning sought after and implemented God’s kingdom law on Earth as it is in heaven.

The cornerstone of the America we know, is God!

0:00 In a kingdom there must be law 
1:18 The difference between statutory and common law states 
4:25 Blackstone’s commentaries on the laws of America 
8:22  The oath of office that every elected official takes
10:43 The government structure isn’t wrong or bad 
12:56 The purpose of our governing system
16:17 The kingdom of darkness and God’s kingdom 
20:00 Why do we even have speed limits? 
23:48  You can’t govern the ungovernable
28:03 Wouldn’t it be interesting if congress got on their knees? 

To hear more from Steve Magnuson about the Kingdom of God go to:

Shiloh International is a prophetic voice established to boldly declare the manifestation of the Kingdom of God in our generation and articulate what a manifestation of His Kingdom looks like in the cities and nations of the earth.

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