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From May 9th – 14th The Send preceded by The Flood will be happening in Kansas City.

Both events bring businesses and ministries alike across our city together for the purpose of sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ and equipping the church to do the same. Is it your time to step forward and join the kingdom bucket brigade.

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The Send:

The Flood:

God’s Relay Race
is a workplace prayer gathering that meets on the second Saturday every month at the Plexpod in Wesport.

You’re invited!

The Second Saturday of every month  from 8-10am at the Westport Plexpod. 

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Nathan Sack:
Welcome to another Faith Horizons, kingdom brief. These are short podcasts between five and ten minutes. The purpose of a kingdom brief is to share highlights from ongoing kingdom activities and announce events in Kansas City. From May 9th through the 14th, the Send proceeded by the flood will be happening in Kansas city. Both events bring businesses and ministries alike across our city together for the purpose of sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ and equipping the church to do the same. It’s your time to step forward and join the kingdom bucket brigade. Here’s my conversation with Scott Stanger. Wow. There’s a lot upcoming in, uh, Kansas City in the next month. Actually. Can we talk to us a little bit about the Send which is coming on May 14th and then also proceeding that there is, uh, the Flood KC, which is happening the week leading up to that date.

Scott Stanger:
Sure. Uh, so the Send March 14th, Saturday, it sounds like it’s basically an all-day event, I think from like nine o’clock in the morning until nine o’clock at night. And they’re expecting. I 70,000 young adults to descend upon the city, uh, from all over the world, as well as to have maybe a million people online viewing this. So you can register for free. I don’t remember exact website. It might be the Just Google the Send Kansas City you’ll find that specific event. This is, this is a third of these events that they’ve done. One of them was either in Tampa or Miami a few years ago, and then they did one in Brazil. And I mean, these things were just a blowout, events, for the kingdom of God is all these young people and online viewers were coming in and having their hearts stirred about the great commission, taking the gospel of the kingdom to our, our cities, our nations at, to this generation. So couldn’t be more excited about this event. And even the way it was initiated, it was, it was something that was, uh, initiated here in our city, from what I understand. And I’ve had this confirmed by a couple of people that it was initiated by Clark Hunt himself over at the Kansas city Chiefs and Arrowhead stadium, I guess somehow he’d heard about this or, God put it on his heart that he just, you know, a very faith, oriented family and God put it on his heart to do something in our city for the kingdom of God, through the young people, especially. And it’s my understanding that, he had somebody from his organization reach out to the Send and, invite them to come here to Kansas city and have an event. And it was supposed to have been here a couple of years ago, but, COVID, uh, shut down a lot of events like this and gathering and that’s okay because God’s timing is sovereign.

Nathan Sack:
Yes, absolutely.

Scott Stanger:
We’re excited that it’s happening now. Uh, that God has sovereignly chose. Kansas City the heart of America to, to do this. And it’s going to touch our nation, touch the nations, touch this generation. So then the week before the Send there’s going to be like 1500, evangelist from different parts of our nation and the world that are going to descend upon Kansas City. And there’s just going to be the flood, a flood of outreach across our city. Things like, you know, street evangelism, there’s going to be tents set up in parks and, you know, all of those kinds of things where there’s, uh, outreach and, and prayer and face painting children’s activities. Plus organizations, retail organizations like Amazon, for instance, you know, they have millions of millions of dollars of overstocks of goods, and they have donated these items to a ministry that’s called City Serve. That’s a nationwide ministry and now City Serve is establishing a beachhead here in Kansas City. They’re already secured some warehousing and a fleet of trucks, delivery trucks, and they’re working through area churches to distribute these overstock of, I don’t know exactly what everything is. I mean, I’m assuming it’s food and personal hygiene items, as well as blankets and coats and clothing and, you know, anything you can imagine is sold through organizations like Amazon, and they’re going to be using this as well and the outreach, and in that week. With all of these volunteers coming together, evangelizing, performing acts of mercy to homeless and people, families, and need, I mean, this is huge. What’s happening in our city. This. The thing that can become that igniting moment that, that ignites the, you know, the, the, the kindling is all around our city. Just ready for a spark. That’s going to ignite a wildfire of God’s kingdom in our city and across this nation.

Nathan Sack: Yeah. I remember one of the members, that was speaking on Saturday, mentioned that, I guess there’s like some flood bar marks down, on a building like Manny’s is there is that true?

Scott Stanger:
Yeah. Um, down on Southwest Boulevard, it was a famous flood. A couple of times I’ve had floods down in that area and there are these marks, these high watermarks that have been established on, uh, bridges and buildings and things like that.

Nathan Sack:
And she was just saying that this flood, this flood is going to, God’s going to leave his mark on it.

Scott Stanger:
Right. I said, you know, the talk like that can be a little foreign to people sometimes, but if we’ll sit and wait before the Lord and prayer and petitions and just intersession for what he wants to do, the holy spirit will put thoughts like that in our minds, just under, just to help us to understand I’m doing something significant here. I mean, you think back to the flood that occurred in Kansas City in 1977 or something like that, you thought that was big. Well, just this way, just wait, just wait. I’m going to exceed that. And it’s a way of stirring faith in our hearts so that we can get on board. You know, I like to say that he impregnates our imagination. Imagination is not something that we just let run wild. It’s something that we’ve been created in the likeness of God, in his image and think of that word, image imagination. So he’s got an imagination and we can, we can allow our imagination to be redeemed for his purposes. And so thoughts like that, just come to mind and. Sometimes people go, Ooh, that’s spooky Ville, but it’s just his holy spirit talking to us and helping us, uh, to usher his kingdom into every facet of our society.

Nathan Sack: That’s so true. Um, another thing that the same member mentioned was that, that there are many hearts there’s many hearts that have been prepared to welcome the kingdom of God in, in Kansas city. And then you yourself also brought up a cool aspect a different way, and this is just different ways of creating, uh, some type of illustration of what God is doing in Kansas City and what God is preparing to do. And you talked about a bucket brigade. Would you just, just go through that just real quick?

Scott Stanger:
Well, again, this all came last Saturday as we gathered at God’s relay race in Westport. We pray for the marketplace. We pray for the, the city and all the aspects of the city, political leadership schools, businesses, but we’re primarily businesspeople who are gathering together for the wellbeing of the city. And as we were praying, you know, again, we talked about how the holy spirit can just kind of drop these thoughts, these pictures of in our minds. And, as somebody was praying, suddenly I had this flash of us of a scene. Like you can think of the old days when, you know, the, the towns, the small towns, and when there was a fire, maybe, in the, the general store, Or the saloon or whatever, people would perform a bucket brigade and they would just have water buckets that they’re handing back and forth as they’re throwing it on the fire to douse it. Well, just out of the blue, I saw this picture of a bucket brigade, but instead of them handing each other water, they were literally buckets full of fire and they were throwing the fire on to, the, the town square, and the different businesses. They’re there to see God’s fire coming to our city to ignite all these different things, especially in the marketplace, because it was, everybody was gathered there in the town square and we’re taking these buckets of fire and throwing them on the different buildings, representing banks and general stores and, you know, whatever else was in those old towns.

Nathan Sack:
So cool. .

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