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It’s getting close to the end of the year, but don’t take your foot off the pedal! Because We Care Christmas is coming on December 18th, 111 Global is now ministering @ Sycamore Park in Ruskin Heights every other Friday from 10:00 AM to noon, and Genesis 1:1 has become a DBA of L3 International opening up another chapter of ministry for the Otterness’s!


Nathan Sack  00:16
Welcome to another Faith Horizons Kingdom brief. These are short podcast between 5 and 10 minutes. The purpose of a kingdom brief is to share highlights from ongoing Kingdom activities and announce events in Kansas City. It’s getting close to the end of the year, but don’t take your foot off the pedal just yet. Because We Care Christmas is coming on December 18th, 111 Global is now ministering at Sycamore Park in Ruskin Heights every other Friday from 10am to noon, and Genesis 1:1 has become a DBA of L3 International, opening up another chapter of ministry for the Otterness’s. Here is my conversation with Bill. Upcoming in December, do we have anything upcoming in December? I know that you had mentioned last time we were together that there’s December 18th Because We Care Event. Is there anything else you’d like to say about that?

Bill Otterness  01:12
Just that it’s really- it’s already gained a lot of momentum. I’ve seen Harvesters bring several truckloads of goods already. And I know they’re using some of that for a Thanksgiving event. But most of that I think is going to carry over to the Christmas time. Yeah, I mean, it’s huge. Last year, we gave away 2000 Christmas presents.

Nathan Sack  01:37
Wow. So do you have anything new that’s going on in the park? How’s the park outreach going?

Bill Otterness  01:43
Doing pretty good. We’re still riding on the coattails of all the huge stuff that we had going on in the summer out there with the worship events and stuff. You know with the time change in the sun dropping earlier, we move those times from 6-7 to 4-5pm. We’re still meeting at that same park.

Nathan Sack  02:05
So Sycamore Park Tuesdays from 4-5pm instead of 6-7.

Bill Otterness  02:10
Correct. And then that’ll continue will continue at that time, probably until March or April.

Nathan Sack  02:17
Well, that’s awesome. I know we talked a lot about last time we talked about worship evangelism. And I recently saw a post from you. I don’t know how, how recent the picture was taken. But it was with you and Julia, and you’re just talking about how 111 Global is doing worship in the same park.

Bill Otterness  02:39
Yeah. And so they heard about what we’re doing. 111 Global is a missions organization is focused on worship, taken worship, into the mission field. And so what we had successfully going on there in the Ruskin area, they wanted to join forces with us and use that also, as their local mission field, train them up for when they’re going out doing the world worship evangelism events. And so they come out there with us every other Friday, in the morning times from 10am to noon.

Nathan Sack  03:16
So that’s great. A little different time.

Bill Otterness  03:20
It’s a different time. Interesting thing, what they do, they have an actual prayer room running, every single day. And that prayer room is running and interceding for them as they’re out on the local mission field, doing outreach. And so they’re they go to these parks, and they set up and they’re doing worship music, as well. So you have two different groups at the same time, simultaneously praying and interceding for the same thing. And then they’ll have a small team of them going out through the neighborhood doing prayer walks. And so we’re able to partner with them and help them kind of get a better feel and understanding for some of the people we introduce them to people personally so that they can get to know them as well. It’s just kind of some of the fruit of what we’ve been doing there in Ruskin.

Nathan Sack  04:13
That’s great. Yeah, because you really have been able to pave the way and obviously smooth out the territory, you know, you said, you know, because of your presence, you know, you begin to establish the Kingdom of God in that area, and allow for these other things to begin coming in. And you staked your claim there.

Bill Otterness  04:33
Yeah. You mentioned paving the way and it made me think of when we first started prayer walking in that area, there weren’t sidewalks and so one of the first things we prayed for was sidewalks and now that park that we’re at, has a beautiful sidewalk system with a half a mile track around it and then sidewalks up and down the street. So that’s really literally did pave some way for them to come and walk through there.

Nathan Sack  04:58
You prayed for pavement and you got it.

Bill Otterness  05:02
We prayed for pavement. You had to. No sidewalks out there.

Nathan Sack  05:04
So 111 Global is out there. You said every other Friday, is that correct? And then they’re down somewhere else at a different location.


Bill Otterness  05:12
Yeah, they go to Central Park. And so they initially started going around to all the KC wellness events that I was involved with. And so we would hold those events on a Saturday.  And what they would do is the Friday prior to that they would go set up in the parks, and do a live worship set to kind of set the stage for us to come out and do our evangelism pieces. And through that, they settled on, they wanted to stick with Ruskin and Central Park, down in the city. And so they alternate parks.

Nathan Sack  05:53
So I know that we’re coming towards the end of the year. And I know that you and well, from what you’ve told me, you and Julia also do a lot of with Genesis 1:1 and Otterness Missions that you guys do a lot of year end giving, or you’re asking for year end giving, just to kind of propel you into the year 2022.

Bill Otterness  06:15
Yeah, and it’s one way that we’re able to generate funds, since we’re both full time missionary. So our support, our income comes from monthly supporters from friends and family. What Genesis 1:1, it’s also its own DBA that were underneath of the organization that were missionaries with L3 International.

Nathan Sack 06:40
And that’s new, right?

Bill Otterness 06:41
Yeah, actually, that just that just occurred last month. And so I have that bank account set up and everything.

Nathan Sack  06:48
So Genesis 1:1, is it is a DBA to L3 International?

Bill Otterness  06:52
Yes. Correct. And we’ve been operating as a ministry now for about five years. And the organization recognized us for what we’re doing and wanted to see that kind of have its own entity to it.

Nathan Sack  07:07
So how does that change things for the for the actual ministry?

Bill Otterness  07:11
Well, we’re wanting to- so with that, it comes some accountability. And through in with that accountability, we feel obligated to the Lord. To make that better. Let’s bring that perfection up to another notch. You know, the Lord says so much is given much will be required. And so we want to see more staff brought on board, we want to see better quality events occur. And, and more of them, you know, we feel more now than ever, that we’ve been called to really create a discipleship community, a very strong discipleship program in the fine arts community. And so when it comes to like, year end giving like you had mentioned, or just monthly support, in general, we want to raise a substantially larger amount of money per month, so that we can fund these, the Genesis 1:1 ministry, you know, we’re looking for more property that we can hold its own private events, without needing to kind of rely on other places to do them. And so there’s so you get this sense of there’s a lot more responsibility now into doing Genesis 1:1 Fine Arts.

Nathan Sack  08:35
It’s like you own the house now. And so now you’re like, well I’d better fix the roof and paint the wall. What rather when you’re just borrowing a space.

Bill Otterness  08:45
Yeah, I think that sums it up pretty good. So yeah, we’re gonna do a lot of remodeling with that.

Nathan Sack  08:51
So what page would they go to if they were to, want to do year end giving with your organization?

Bill Otterness  08:57
Oh, yeah, so I think the easiest way to do that would be to go to Otterness end giving. That’s the- we use Otterness missions as kind of a hub website, our personal website, where you can connect with the different ministries that we’re involved with and kind of use that as a blogging spot. And so that page that year-end giving page, will give you all the directions that you need on how to give whether you want to mail in a check or do something online with a credit card. You find all the information and the instructions are right there at Otterness end giving.

Nathan Sack  09:41
And that’s year end giving like one word, no spaces.

Bill Otterness  09:47
Yeah. If you can get to Otterness  you just click the tab. Oh, there’s a tab there too. Yeah, there’ll be a tab so that makes it easy. Yeah, we want to try to make things easy. I know technology is there to help us so that we can have better streamline living here on earth but some reason just seems to be a lot more complicated.

Nathan Sack  10:10
It gets a lot more complicated than it needs to.

Bill Otterness  10:11
It does, it doesn’t seem to save time for me. It seems to create more… Yeah, so anyway, so we try to make it simple and we use that website as a way to kind of help direct people.

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Because We Care Christmas December 18th! Last year over 2000 presents were given away to families in need!

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