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If you’re a business owner and a follower of Jesus Christ, God will stir your heart to remodel and update your business to produce greater kingdom impact for the lives and communities you serve.

In this episode Scott Stanger brings together practical business acumen to accomplish the purposes of the kingdom of God.

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Nathan Sack  00:10
Welcome to another Faith Horizons kingdom brief. These are short podcasts between 5 and 10 minutes. The purpose of a kingdom brief is to share highlights from ongoing Kingdom activities and announce events in Kansas City. When you choose to follow Jesus Christ as a business, you’re likely to go through a remodel. And so what would that look like to you as a business person?  Have you seen stuff like that before? Any experience in what that would look like?

Scott Stanger  00:41
Well, sure. I mean, I come from a construction background, my family’s in construction. And that’s where I’ve had my first executive role was in the family’s construction business. And so as I’ve gone out and worked with clients and consulting and so on, obviously, a lot large number of my client base is construction related. So I understand remodels, I think all of us can understand that but it can have many different aspects. It can be you know, renovating, updating, upgrading, it can be reinforcing and repairing, expanding and adding to and all these different aspects. So when you just like a house has to be remodeled every so often a building has to be remodeled. A business does as well. And so you’re gonna go in and you’re, you’re gonna poke around down the foundation, the footings and say, wow, are things out of square down here? How do we reestablish them, and I’ve used these, this little three step process. For a long time of whenever you go in to a business, like when I’m working with one of my clients, a new client, especially might be in a, in a crisis mode or, or not getting the results they’re looking for. The first thing I do is stabilize, stabilize their cash flows, get the cash flow, flowing, flowing. And then the next thing is to standardize. Get processes standardized, well documented, everybody knows on the same page, who’s doing what. And then the last thing is to maximize or sometimes use a word I really prefer optimized, but that didn’t get people’s attention as maximize. But regardless, it’s like, okay, we got the flywheel turning, let’s maximize or optimize its RPM here. And that’s all a part of remodeling of a business and looking at things. I’ve we’ve talked about this before of an acronym, a fires drill,  F. I. R. E. S.- fix, improve, replace, eliminate, start. And so you literally put these glasses on and you’re walking around the business. And you’re if you’ve been trained in these kinds of things, you’re looking for those things that need to be fixed, improve, replace, eliminate, or start and do it as like a drill kind of a thing. So use that. But there’s another one that I’ve used over the years, and it’s called Steel, like steel, you know, iron steel, S T E E L, and I say, hey, I’m a steel worker. And I work in the steel plant. What does that mean? Stir, train, equip, empower, launch, and especially use this in context of a kingdom minded business. And by the way, we and in this community that I coach in of Acumen and we’ve embraced a kingdom business definition that was defined by John Wanamaker, who was a well-known he was the Sam Walton of his day Boca Wanamakers Retailers on the East Coast. And that is a for profit, it’s important to say, it’s cash flowing, it’s for profit. First and foremost, you’re up there, you‚Äôre cash flowing and profitable, business, designed to partner with God to transform lives and communities. I think of all those components of that definition has been designed. It’s not happenstance, it isn’t a secondary thing. It’s from the very beginning. We have designed this initiative, this enterprise to partner with God to transform people’s lives, the employees, the customers, the vendors, everybody who’s a part of this enterprise, and it’s also going to transform communities. So we go out there praying that we have a successful endeavor, and it’s going to bring not just prosperity and productivity and all the blessings of God within that organization, but it’s going to spill over and cascade out into the community itself. So Kingdom minded business, I go back to this steel, steel plant as steel worker, stir train, equip, empower, launch. So that’s a matter of attracting people stirring them, to come in want to do what I just described as a as a kingdom minded business of transforming with partnering with God, and so on. And so then you come in stir, train, train people how to do it, what does it look like when we have Kingdom initiatives? And listen, I’m not just talking about you know, a bunch of way out there, and the great by and by, I’m talking about practical things from the scriptures, especially the book of Proverbs, there are so many practical things about how to run a business on a day to day basis, and then equip them. 

So how do we actually help them then to add to their business, the things that they need to grow it, to make it profitable, increase the numbers of people in the venues, locations, around the city, around the country, and so on. Then there’s empower and then finally launch and those two kind of go together, especially there’s empower people with prayer, of how do they invite the Lord and His Spirit into their business day to day and then commission them out, you know, when a ship an ocean liner, or battleship or something is christened, they’ll have a great celebration, and people, dignitaries and so on will come and oftentimes, it’s a woman that has this champagne bottle and, and she crashes it over the hull of the boat to christen it onto its maiden voyage in the life of that thing. Well, we should do the same thing in our businesses. I mean, thank God for people who are called to foreign missions and, and the churches that commissioned them out into that calling, but there should be just as much earnestness to call together, launching businesses, whether it’s right down the street, or it’s across the globe, and commissioning them, launching them into their purpose, and destiny and praying over them. So those are the all the different aspects of steel, and I’m a steel worker, and going out there in the steel plant. And it’s all related to, you know, remodeling business and launching it in a kingdom way.

Nathan Sack  07:39
Well, thank you so much. This is very deep water, too. It’s very deep water, because there’s so many different depths when you talk about partnering with the heart of God, and going into business. You know, we’re partnering with the heart of God for the rebuilding of cities for the, for the rebuilding of neighborhoods to begin to invest in the lives of those who work for us, or to maybe help a vendor. Hey, you know, if you do it this way, I would be able to get more from what you’re doing. I don’t know, in the God‚Äôs Relay Race one of these things we always bring up ambassadors, we always bring up ambassadors, you know, we’re here to create a trade relationship between heaven and earth.

Scott Stanger  08:20
Love that language. That’s really good. You know,

Nathan Sack  08:23
You know, and when you’re trading between heaven and earth, I mean, we’ve got the greatest wares.

Scott Stanger  08:29
And we ain’t getting the short end of the stick of these trades, I can promise you that. We are getting we’re getting great return from our trading with heaven. Hallelujah.

Nathan Sack  08:43
Yeah, it’s just we’re in a trade relationship. We’re trading you know, wellness for sickness, we’re trading. We would like to trade wealth for poverty, we’d like to trade. God, we’re here to trade with You. What do You have for us?

Scott Stanger  08:56
You use the word partnership. And as I used it, from that definition, partnering with God, as business people, we’ve probably all watched several episodes of Shark Tank and we understand how a entrepreneur comes in there. And they’re, they’re making a pitch to these sharks. Yeah, they’re wanting funding, but more importantly, they’re wanting the partnership of these highly successful business people, billionaires, many of them and so just imagine though, if there was one chair there and it was you know, the Holy Spirit or Jesus Christ however you want to think of it or the Father, one of those chairs was filled with Him. Wouldn’t you love the partnership of the Father. Here‚Äôs Mark Cuban over here or Mr. Wonderful or right here in the center is God the Father that‚Äôs going to partner with me in my business and pouring out profound wisdom and insights and, and guidance and encouragement support along the way, as well as you know, the treasuries of heaven so to speak.

Nathan Sack  10:04
Thank you for listening to the Faith Horizons podcast. Please subscribe and like the podcast wherever you listen, there is a subscription smart link in the show notes. You can also follow the Faith Horizons podcast on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and YouTube. Thanks and God bless.




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