The 2 Foundations Pillars of Decision

What does History and Government have to do with our decisions
How decisions are made, our history with God, Foundations of a building

Steve Magnuson delves into the 2 foundational principles that shape not only individual lives but also entire cities and nations. The episode explores the two foundational pillars that underpin our lives and society: history and government. Steve explains how history represents our personal journey with God, influencing our decisions and perspectives. Likewise, government signifies our understanding of God’s authority and our obligation to submit to it.

These two concepts, whether positive or negative in nature, serve as the bedrock for all decision-making processes, shaping our purpose and direction in life. Steve’s insightful discussion challenges listeners to reflect on their history with God and their approach to His divine authority, offering a profound perspective on how these principles impact our daily choices and the world around us.

Throughout the conversation, Steve highlights the universal nature of these foundations, applicable to both Christians and non-Christians alike. He emphasizes that even those who may reject or be indifferent to God still make decisions rooted in their personal history and concept of authority.

Steve provides clarity on the essential role of God’s government as the highest authority in our lives and explains how it is unchanging, consistent over generations, and applicable worldwide.

This episode encourages introspection and a deeper understanding of how the history of our relationship with God and our response to His authority profoundly shape our lives and the world we live in.

To hear more from Steve Magnuson about the Kingdom of God go to:

Shiloh International is a prophetic voice established to boldly declare the manifestation of the Kingdom of God in our generation and articulate what a manifestation of His Kingdom looks like in the cities and nations of the earth.

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