The Intersection of Faith and Art with Julia Dell Otterness

Listen to an Artist Talk and Teaching with Julia Dell Otterness
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Julia Dell Otterness is a Christian artist whose journey in the world of art has been shaped by her deep faith and creative passion. She began her artistic journey with a degree in advertising design from the Colorado Institute of Art. Her love for art has always been a central part of her life, and she shared an interesting anecdote about signing her name as “Julia Dell” on her paintings to retain her middle name, in case she got married in the future.

Julia’s artistic journey took an unexpected turn when she encountered faith and connected with Jesus. This life-changing experience led her to commit her life to Him and eventually led her into mission work. She found ways to combine her artistic talents with her mission work, using her creativity in various forms, including dance and drawing.

Julia’s artistic journey has been diverse and remarkable. She even found herself participating in a hip-hop skateboard team, which allowed her to travel the world and share her faith through dance and art. Her journey reflects the idea that art can be a powerful tool for expressing one’s faith and connecting with others.

After getting married Julia found inspiration from the beauty of nature and God’s creation. She and her husband, Bill, founded “Genesis 1-1 Fine Arts” to further their ministry using art. Their ministry involves organizing events such as artist talks, open studios, plein air events, workshops, and Days of Creation exhibits. They aim to inspire and gather artists, encourage one another, and share their faith through the beauty of art.

Julia’s art is deeply inspired by her faith and her interpretation of the Days of Creation from the Bible. She shared her creative process and the thoughts and emotions that went into each of her artwork pieces, highlighting her use of various artistic mediums, including acrylic and oil painting. Her art reflects her spiritual journey and her passion for the beauty of God’s creation.

In her artist talk, Julia encouraged her audience to explore their own creative processes, connect with God, and use art as a means to share their faith with the world. Her journey serves as an inspiring example of how faith and art can intersect and be used for a higher purpose.

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