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The current times cannot be ignored, as we gather to pray the intensity continues to increase. Is there a correlation between the needs brought to our prayer meeting and what’s going on in the nation/world today?

Get a closer look at the Sending Project a local non for profit that is working to bring synergy to the kingdom of God in Kansas City. ūüėÄ

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God’s Relay Race is a workplace prayer gathering that meets on the second Saturday every month at the Plexpod in Wesport from 8:00am – 10:00am
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Nathan Sack  00:00
Hello welcome to another Faith Horizons Kingdom brief. These are short podcasts between 5 and 10 minutes. The purpose of a kingdom brief is to share highlights from ongoing Kingdom activities and announce events in Kansas City. In our marketplace prayer gathering this last Saturday, June 11, we prayed over many specific issues concerning people, ministries and businesses. As current issues such as gas prices, the cost of food and the housing market are at record highs, do you believe there is a correlation between what we prayed for this past Saturday and what we are facing in our current times?

Scott Stanger  00:48
Well, you’re talking about micro and macro. People came in with some needs. And we prayed specifically for those needs. We always want to do that anybody who’s hurting or distressed feeling some anxiety over decision or whatever we want to meet those needs. But we also then took it up to the next level. We pray for organizations, whether it be ministries, or we prayed for businesses, and some specific needs and some momentum for them of things that they have going on. And then you can take it up to a bigger level again and say, wow, what is the nation facing? What are the nations facing? And so yes, there’s a lot going on in our lives in our world right now, there always is. But we seem to be facing a lot more challenges than normal. And it kind of goes back to something we talked about earlier this year, in one of our God‚Äôs Relay Races. And when I brought the book Haggai to our attention, I had this little handout, and I showed this five-minute video from the Bible Project. It’s an overview of the story of Haggai. It’s only two chapters that are people might go Haggai Haggai, what’s in there? Well, there are some things that we might relate to, you know, where God said, I’m going to shake everything that can be shaken. That’s a scripture, some people might know. But in fact, that scripture sort of relates to where we are, we are in a time of shaking. And it’s probably going to get worse. There are economic forecasts out there forewarning us of some things, there’s nothing certainly that indicate the gas prices, the inflation, the issues and challenges that we’re facing that they’re all sudden going to go away. Nobody’s going to come in with a silver bullet that’s going to erase all these things overnight. So we’re just going to have to learn to endure whether they get worse. Well, personally, I think that they might be just you know, it’s that Holy Spirit, gut feel, so to speak. But I often walk away from our God‚Äôs Relay Race, prayer time, and I don’t know why. But this just resonates like a broken record. I think it ain’t bad enough yet. Just ain’t bad enough yet. In fact, you know, maybe things are gonna get worse. Well, we’ve seen that and I’m not a doom and gloom kind of a person. I’m not a glass half full or glass half empty. I’m a glass runneth over from, you know, Psalm 23. That’s how I look at life. But sometimes we just need some corrective action. And we seem to be going through some personal, local, national, international circumstances that are causing us to stop and pause and reflect on things and align our lives, our families, our businesses, every part of society in a way that is more God honoring and honoring to each other as well.

Nathan Sack  03:45
So one of the things we prayed for this past Saturday was the Sending Project. That was one of the specific ministries that we prayed for. There are a incredible church uniting ministry in Kansas City that is really bringing the church together and equipping the church to work together as a whole. Can you just share a little bit about you know what they’re about?

Scott Stanger  04:04
Sure. So the Sending Project is a nonprofit that was founded by a friend of mine who used to go to church with Heartland church. His name is Eric Rochester. And, you know, there’s, it’s too much of a story to tell all the details behind it. But basically, the Sending Project is kind of the hub, the hub that connects the spokes of all the different churches and the ministries and the kingdom initiatives that are happening across the city. So think of it when you go into a coffee shop, for instance. And you see that bulletin board and you see people put hey here lawn care, childcare, you know, I’m a realtor or whatever, there’s this, this go to source that you can see and you can find what it is that you might need. And that’s what the sending project is really about. It has different aspects to it, but it’s very core is helping the right hand know what the left hand is doing. It’s not just churches, it’s its ministries, its kingdom minded people from across the city, a place, a hub that they can plug into, and find out what’s going on there. You know, we the month before we prayed for the Send, not the Sending Project, but the Send. It was the event that was going on at Arrowhead Stadium, a gathering, you know, 10s of 1000s of young people and online, hundreds of 1000s of people participating in this worship, and challenge to be a missionary no matter where you are, and so on. Well, the week before that event, there was called the Flood. And that was a citywide effort of bringing churches together, and distributing donated goods from major retailers like Costco and Amazon, hundreds of millions of dollars of goods are donated through this nationwide ministry called City Serve. And it’s now connected here into our city. It was distributing goods the week before the Send and we needed warehouse space. And lo and behold, through just networking across the city, we uncovered here’s some warehouse space and had to hold these goods temporarily while churches then distribute them. Well, we need now long-term warehouse space, because now this, this new initiative has been launched in our city. Okay, why am I telling all this? Well, because the Sending Project is a perfect tool to connect the right hand to the left hand. So there’s a ministry out there right now, that’s working. It’s called The Dream Center, the Dream Center of Kansas City that’s working with City Serve, bringing in goods to distribute to families in need, and they need 50,000 square feet of warehouse space. So the Sending Project is the kind of platform or tool or bulletin board, online bulletin boards so that the right hand can know, hey, here’s resources that the left hand has over here for warehousing storing of goods that are coming in and being distributed through a network of churches across the city. So we prayed specifically for the Sending Project to become made more aware to the body of Christ across the city. Right now I think they have somewhere between 3 and 400 churches that are involved. And I don’t know how many dozens and dozens of nonprofits that are not just churches, and lots of people are aware, but we need more awareness across the city so that there’s more sharing of resources, synergy, Kingdom synergy across our city, to make Jesus Christ known across the city, and to meet the needs of families and people across our city. So those that’s a practical example of something that we were praying for. And I know it was very encouraging for Eric Rochester to know that we were praying for that and I’m looking forward to visiting with him this week and just saying, hey, these are some things that we pray for some ideas, maybe some names that were that came up, but regardless, we turn this over to heaven, and allowing Jesus and His angels to get their shoulder behind all this and move things forward.



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