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Prayer Recap for Gods Relay Race. In this short podcast Scott and I discuss some of what the Holy Spirit is bringing up in the business prayer meetings.


Nathan Sack  00:19
Welcome to another faith horizons Kingdom brief. These are short podcast between five and 10 minutes. The purpose of a kingdom breed is to share highlights from ongoing Kingdom activities and announce events in Kansas City. Wow, I’m always really excited to have a prayer recap with Scott Stanger of Gods relay race, which is a Kansas City marketplace. prayer gathering. This prayer recap is from the September 11, gathering at the Westport Plex pods. Some of the themes for this day were no more striving. Humility attracts the Holy Spirit, and a special request from the bridegroom that we who are His bride would catch the little foxes that spoil the vine, here is my conversation with God, that the Lord was really a strong impression of no more striving,

Scott Stanger  01:09
yes, well, in the the account of creation in Genesis, God worked for six days. And then on the seventh day, he entered into rest. And that’s where he is to this day. And Jesus invites us, all of us who are weary and heavy laden to come unto Him. And to find rest His yoke is easy, and His burden is light. And so that’s what it’s, it’s all about. And in even over in Hebrews chapter four, it talks about being diligent to enter into His rest to cease from our striving, in fact, that whole generation of the Israelites that came out of the slavery of Egypt, God judged them because of their their unbelief and their their disobedience, he equated that those two words of unbelief and disobedience really, they’re, they’re synonymous. And it’s he then says, They will never enter into my wrist because of that. And so yeah, it was emphasized this, this last Gods relay race in September of enter into My rest people I’m inviting you in, it’s available to you right now cease, from the striving, enter into my wrist, walk with me, talk with me find my rhythm, and harmony.

Nathan Sack  02:30
Yes. And then another thing you actually brought this up. And it also goes along with the same thing of the No More striving and the answer my brass as you brought up that the Lord kind of led you on on a journey with with the name of Noah.

Scott Stanger  02:44
Yeah, so the the name, Noah, it’s in Hebrew, it’s actually pronounced Noah. And it, it means in Hebrew rest. In fact, his parents named him that and said that, because of him, the way the curse that’s upon work, remember, when Adam and Eve fell in the garden, God placed a curse on the work of man said, in the working in the soil, there’s going to be nothing but fatigue and toil, toil in the soil. And, and yet, there is certainly a curse there. But for the significance that the parents said, we’re going to name, you know, that you’re going to break this curse of toil on the work of our hands. And so I don’t have a full understanding of what that means, you know, this, obviously, 1000s of years, and we still have, we go out there and we took till a field and the weeds come up in it, and it seems that there’s a curse on it. But I think that there is something that we can enter into this rest of God, that it we find this extra gear, if you will, of walking and talking with him, this rhythm and harmony with Him, that is a place of rest in the midst of our work, and it’s ever increasing, it’s not suddenly, boom, we turned it on, like a light switch. And it never goes away. It’s an ever increasing revelation with him of rest.

Nathan Sack  04:22
And there was a there was a member there. And it just, you know, I just I increasingly noticed this, that there’s that when somebody is is praying, you know, in a group when they are willing to be vulnerable, vulnerable when they’re willing to put out some part of their vulnerability. Just say, hey, you know, I might be messed up in this way, but God’s gonna be there for me, or I may be messed up in this way, but God’s gonna be there for me and they’re willing to be vulnerable. The Holy Spirit really comes in and fills that void. Like he just comes in like he he Is tz so excited when somebody is willing just to be real, and raw and honest, you know, when you lay it down, you say, You know what I might be a mistaken messed up human being. But I’m going to come here, I’m going to be with God.

Scott Stanger  05:15
Well, the word that you’re actually that sums up all the things you’re describing there is humility, you know, transparency, yes, vulnerability, admitting our mistakes, and so on. It all comes from humility. And another thing that was emphasized in that 911 Gods relay race was the fact that John the Baptist, pointed out Jesus, he said, Behold, the Lamb of God. And we all know that a lamb is gentle, and meek, and humble, if you will. And it was in that moment, then that as Jesus was baptized in the river, Jordan, then the Holy Spirit descended upon Him as a dove. So there’s something significant there that the lamb attracts the Dove, the humility, the character of Christ, the humility, they’re attracted the gentleness of the dove, and he rested, the dove rested on the lamb there. And so that was that was really a big emphasis of, of our time of prayer and intercession in September was this place of rest, and humility, and then it causes the Holy Spirit to actually rest on us.

Nathan Sack  06:36
You were talking about the Song of Solomon. It says, I think it was either God or it was the bridegroom, he said, Can you catch for us the the little foxes that ruin the vine, and that literally got interwoven in that entire day after that, was that that catch those foxes? What type of foxes are in the business world? What type of things are are ruining the business cultures? What type of things are ruining the systems that you’re using?

Scott Stanger  07:09
Yeah, so we had just the the September, Gods relay race, the Saturday’s second Saturday of each month, we had just ended the 10 days. So we have an annual 10 day gathering. And there’s always this question from people who either participate or they know about it and, and submit prayer requests and so on to say, hey, what came of that? What was the overarching theme that God seemed to emphasize? And and this year was something that was unusual. It was a passage from Song of Solomon, chapter two, verse 15. And I love it the way it’s written in the passion, translation, because I think it truly accurately unpacks this a little bit more. And it says, you so again, this is the bridegroom talking to the Shulamite woman, it says you must catch the troubling foxes, those sly little foxes that hinder our relationship, you know, underscore that relationship, for they raid, our budding vineyard of love to ruin what I’ve planted within you, will you catch them and remove them for me? We will do it together. So to your question here, Nathan is, here we were for 10 days, we’re praying for the marketplace, we we’ve got 300 plus companies now that we pray for regularly, by name and and we do different things each day that we that’s a part of our prayer ritual, if you will. And out of the midst of this, you know, intercession and spiritual warfare. And all this comes this obscure little verse where the, the bridegroom is saying, hey, just catch those troubling Little Foxes, those sly little things that sneak under the fence that squeeze through the gate. And so I give you this assignment, you go out and take care of these things. I think God is saying, Listen, you take care of these little details, I’ll take care of the big picture, the epic love story that I’m writing over your lives and throughout the the eons of time, but you just take care of these troubling little foxes that are sly, what are they? There’s things like attitudes and motives. I mean, certainly we know we don’t go out there and commit adultery or embezzlement and, and fraud and all these things that that so often happen in the marketplace and get the headlines in the in the newspaper, but he’s saying first just do this. Here’s what I’m asking you to do. Go out and take care of those troubling little flock foxes that ruin the vine. They spoil the budding things that I’m planting in you, you are my garden. I want you to catch those things. Those attitudes, those motives, those distractions that distract you from my love and intimacy with with me the things I want to do in you and through you and beyond you!

Show Notes

God’s Relay Race is a workplace prayer gathering that meets on the second Saturday every month at the Plexpod in Westport.

You’re invited to pray with other business leaders!
For more information go to – www.kcpray.com

Second Saturday of every month  from 8-10am at the Westport Plexpod
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