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Preach the Gospel to All Creation

Every person should be given the opportunity to know Jesus Christ. Bill Otterness quite literally makes an art out of spreading the good news of Jesus Christ.

Here are a few highlights from my conversation with Bill Otterness in August 2021.

Otterness Missions

Spreading the Gospel through the arts

Bill and his wife Julia are the founders of Otterness Missions. This is their mission statement for that organization.

Our Mission is to do evangelism through event coordination and the arts. We desire that people will come to know Jesus in a personal way as we proclaim His name through creative outreach.

We went over a few of the other organizations that Bill has been involved with. In the end, no matter what unique style of outreach is taken, the mission is the same.

“Sure most of all those organizations that you mentioned have some sort of a performance type of evangelistic point to it. Whether it’s a dance team or a musician team, or an art, or some sort of performing arts type aspect to it, that we use as a way to proclaim the word of Christ out into a public setting”- Bill

Communicating the Message

Through our interview Bill described that the message of Jesus was being communicated through many different avenues.

One particular point I remember was when he was describing Team Extreme – a group of body builders who break and bend large items.

“They have an actual choreographed show, if you will, you know, it’s timed out a certain way, and has a message that goes along with it” – Bill

Fine Arts

“And I have no idea about fine art. I mean, I don’t go to galleries. I help skateboarders put on shows, or hip hop dancers or rap music guys. You know, this isn’t my thing – going into the fine art community. But the more I got into that, and the more I’ve seen what God’s doing in the fine art realm, it’s the miraculous, really. I mean, God’s using this as a secret weapon to go out and change people’s lives through fine art.” – Bill

Connect with Bill Otterness!

Evangelistic Outreach Consultant
Email: bill@otternessmissions.org

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